New time!

I'm a French game designer and writer based in Dublin, Ireland. He or They. have been a part of my life forever and of my livelihood since the last century.

If you're not both French and middle-aged, you may know me from , a descendant blending old and new ideas for you to brew to your taste, or , the bric-à brac-adventure gaming slash magazine I edit.

I also love , cruises, and 's work.

@e_eric I remember how my Feng Shui GM emailed you a bit, just because your username was Thunk as in bloodlust

@pyloric Thunk was actually an AD&D character. When Bloodlust came out, I did play a Thunk weapon bearer after my Pyorad died...
Who was your Feng Shui GM?

@e_eric mon pote Guilhem, franco-anglais. Actually not sure if he had a nickname. Captain Babel maybe.

@pyloric I'm afraid it doesn't ring a bell... But my brain has the memory of a 90 year-old goldfish.

@e_eric I didn't expect you would, that was LITERALLY more than 20 years ago, and I'm not sure how long the email exchange went.

I just remember being jealous that he was actually TALKING TO AN RPG PROFESSIONAL. And look at me now, first G+ then twitter and now here.

I made it.


@pyloric Hehe, I know the feeling. I also had my first contacts with pros via the Internet. Only difference was, my mom would shout down the hallway for me to free the phone line 😁

@e_eric she had that courtesy at least! When I got internet in 2002 so I could finally go on the SDEN from home instead of the high school library, my parents would just disconnect me and phone, no warnings 😅

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