New time!

I'm a French game designer and writer based in Dublin, Ireland. He or They. have been a part of my life forever and of my livelihood since the last century.

If you're not both French and middle-aged, you may know me from , a descendant blending old and new ideas for you to brew to your taste, or , the bric-à brac-adventure gaming slash magazine I edit.

I also love , cruises, and 's work.

@e_eric What about if we're French and middle-aged ?

@Sammael99 Then you might know me from the canard en croûte de sel at La fourmi bleue :p

@e_eric It was la Fourmi Ailée, but that's definitely a good reason to know you !

@Sammael99 I have ALWAYS made that mistake. Was the façade even blue? 😅

@e_eric @Sammael99 If it's the place down the rue Dante, yes I think its facade was blue.
I never was there with you. For me you are "the Archipels guy", and one of the main reasons I started writing rpg stuff seriously.
So, as they say : cheers mate !

@Francois6po @Sammael99 Aaaw, thanks! I may have told you before but I have a great memory of the first issue of the Merbold Enchaîné. Knowing people play your shit is one thing, seeing that you inspired talented people to spend countless hours to produce quality stuff is next level

@e_eric I remember how my Feng Shui GM emailed you a bit, just because your username was Thunk as in bloodlust

@pyloric Thunk was actually an AD&D character. When Bloodlust came out, I did play a Thunk weapon bearer after my Pyorad died...
Who was your Feng Shui GM?

@e_eric mon pote Guilhem, franco-anglais. Actually not sure if he had a nickname. Captain Babel maybe.

@pyloric I'm afraid it doesn't ring a bell... But my brain has the memory of a 90 year-old goldfish.

@e_eric I didn't expect you would, that was LITERALLY more than 20 years ago, and I'm not sure how long the email exchange went.

I just remember being jealous that he was actually TALKING TO AN RPG PROFESSIONAL. And look at me now, first G+ then twitter and now here.

I made it.

@pyloric Hehe, I know the feeling. I also had my first contacts with pros via the Internet. Only difference was, my mom would shout down the hallway for me to free the phone line 😁

@e_eric she had that courtesy at least! When I got internet in 2002 so I could finally go on the SDEN from home instead of the high school library, my parents would just disconnect me and phone, no warnings 😅

@BrianBloodaxe Hi! It's been going slowly but I've mostly recovered from the plague and the weather is better, so no excuses to be lazy anymore! How's Scotland treating you?

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