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The Merry Mushmen have a new dungeo... I mean a new website!
Just in time for the announcement of the reprint of issue 1. (Well, we may have timed these two things using chronomancer spells.)

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New time!

I'm a French game designer and writer based in Dublin, Ireland. He or They. have been a part of my life forever and of my livelihood since the last century.

If you're not both French and middle-aged, you may know me from , a descendant blending old and new ideas for you to brew to your taste, or , the bric-à brac-adventure gaming slash magazine I edit.

I also love , cruises, and 's work.

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Hey folks, there's a VTT looking for freelance writers on the birdsite, link below. I can safely say that €0.08/word is well above the standard rate for pretty much any publisher I know, so who knows, might be useful to some of you?

👆​ I'll be gallivanting around Birmingham when this is released.

Your best bet to grab this free PDF and the additional material while they're red hot is to keep an eye on @TMushmen's feed and/or our resources page:

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Cezar Capacle is starting up a newsletter called "Global South Shoutout" that "highlights indie tabletop game designers from the Global South and its diaspora." Substack link below; birdsite link with more context in thread.

What have you done to fuck with Hasbro's bottom line today?

An alternative to not saying D&D ever again to describe fantasy adventure games would be to use *F-D&D* (for Free or Fabulous) and *C-D&D* (for Corporate or Capitalist).

Here's an interesting video about what's going on at and the real reasons for the fuckery. (It's backed up by multiple verified sources.)

tl;dw: It's all about Sandcastle, the 3D tabletop project, which is distinct from .

I'm still behind on , but I'm taking it easy cause I'm swapping methods - the Rocketbook is too much of a pain to work with, and too sensitive to minor spills (got some water damage over the weekend). Have a Hobonichi weeks mega on order, so hopefully I'll find the time to transcribe everything over the weekend!
Here's the current map of Stasis Island.

Right: one more day of OGL related work, then I'm taking tomorrow OFF. Offline, off the screens, maybe even off the coast. Off.

I left my feedback about the 1.2
Not that I feel like I have any skin on the game anymore, but I think people should express their views to the mind flayers who took over the wizards tower.

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ogl; queer/trans 

I have zero stake in the #OGL meta going around, but I'm reading through WotC's 1.2 draft right now and it still feels like a pretty raw deal.

In one point among many others: As a queer polyamorous trans person I can't afford to trust any corporation with the unilateral, unchallengeable right to terminate my license if I "engage in conduct that is... obscene," with their sole right to define that. There are CEOs today who define my existence as obscene.

As expected, the draft of 1.2 is a royal joke.

Apologies for cross posting with the birdboards but I have a headache and I spent like 10 minutes making this on my phone.

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North American and European game publishers; please remember that we _must_ pay folks at least equivalent to our local minimum wages. Freelancers in high-cost jurisdictions ought to earn at least enough as McDonalds employees, and those in lower wage jurisdictions can actually make a reasonable living that way. Rising tide, and all that.

Urgh. Enough writing and rewriting. It's off my chest now and maybe I can stop thinking about it.

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And Wizards sent one of the nerds to the frontline, hoping they would be able to speak nerd to us and somehow shut us up WHILE NOT ANSWERING OUR ONLY QUESTION FFS

I wrote a 600-word letter to WotC, pouring all my feels into it. The good and the bad. I'll sleep on it and maybe post it tomorrow. Or not.

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“No recommendations for games will be provided in this post because finding the game you want to play is a game unto itself and any help would be a spoiler.” Sam shares some thoughts on moving away from corporate D&D.

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