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food, silly doodle 

gave tom a whoopee pie last night fsdjklgh

They said it was like a hamburger version of an oreo and theyre right

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La carte de l'Isthme des Brumes est terminée, merci à tous ceux qui ont participé à la #Fedimocracy ! 🥳

Voilà une région qui donne envie de partir à l'aventure ! Quel hexagone vous fait le plus rêver ?

Pour ceux qui ont envie de s'y essayer, je vous met une version imprimable en grand à disposition sur mon site au plus vite.

#jdr #ttrpg #carte

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#GAFAM #Google
Google est en train de verrouiller progressivement son écosystème Android, tout comme Apple l'a fait pour l'iPhone.

Guess who should be editing the KNOCK! bestiary right now? 😅

I've only downloaded one game so far from @allandaros's Bundle for Reproductive Justice. Cause I really had to print it!

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Some thoughts about running the quickstart for Salvage Union at the weekend.

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Looking to Follow + Lots of Hashtags 

I'd love to find some more indie game developers who are making horror games that I could follow.
Favourite for me to follow, boost to help me find more devs! Thanks!

(Screen reader warning) Lots of tags for maximum reach: #Godot #GodotEngine #HorrorGame #Indie #IndieGame #GameDev #IndieGameDev #Game

Here is a KS for an related booklet of NPCs. You can get it and its predecessor book about portals for US$5 (PDF - there's no shipping outside the US).

I only became aware that Philip J Reed, who I knew peripherally for his indie work, is also the CEO at Steve Jackson Games.

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If you have a WordPress blog, you can attach it to the Fediverse using a special plugin.

This will let people on Mastodon (and elsewhere on the Fedi) follow your blog, see your blog posts in their timeline, comment on your blog posts, like them, share them etc.

The plugin is written by @pfefferle and is called ActivityPub For WordPress:

Note that this only works on independently hosted WordPress blogs.

It does not work on free blogs because they don't allow plugins (there is a paid option at but it's weirdly expensive).

#FediTips #Fediverse #WordPress #ActivityPub

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What would happen if Marie Kondo advised murder hoboes? 🤔

You might get the answer with "Paris Gondo - The Life-Saving Magic of Inventorying".

This rapid fire GM-less TTRPG for 3 to 6 players sparks joy and will help you BANISH ENCUMBRANCE FOREVER!

@trunk_fr Bonjour ! Peux-tu s'il te plaît m'ajouter à Jeu de rôle ?

This fan-edit of The Lost City looks exactly like something you could run for D&D newbies with an Indiana Jones angle. Reskin the human classes as Veteran, Tomb Robber, Mystic, and Occultist and into the magical ziggurat we go!

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Pyramid of the Undying is my love-letter to my favourite DnD module, Moldvay's "The Lost City". I'm calling it a "fan-edit", and you can get it for free here:

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