Enjoying my brewed and cheaply frothed milk while I'm figuring this thing out...

BBE a (discrètement) annoncé la VF de KNOCK! Préco prévue pour octobre : black-book-editions.fr/news-41

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I'm not sure when is the best moment to promote a trpg in English, so let's try one last time.

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You are two, you have half an hour, you hesitate to turn on your console to play a fighting game. No need here is "Bagarre Z", a one page #TTRPG made to FIGHT. You don't even need dice, you just need tokens, a pen and hands with fingers.

🐦🔗: twitter.com/JanVanHouten/statu

It's happening! kickstarter.com/projects/jolly
@JollyOrc kept this a well guarded secret. I'm so glad this game is about to be released into the world!

I sent the last update of the Folklore Bestiary campaign yesterday (as it's ending in less than three days now).

It has a lot of links with previews on podcasts, behind the scenes by our writers, and a full 5E entry: kickstarter.com/projects/89610

I cannot decide if the terrible 'shop job of the giant size penny board makes this poster better or worse...

I've been away for a while. Not that I wasn't reading now and then, but a few weeks of not-so-great health and a KS campaign to promote meant my energy was spent more on the birdsite than here.
I'll keep the tab open from now on, and try to interact a bit more with you lovely mastodonerds.

Is it just me or is Proton having problems since yesterday? The Android app is crashing on me, and even the proton mail webapp keeps losing connection.

Running in to get into trouble. It's this character's last adventure anyway.

@ng76 Pure elitist nerdery? My RPG has bigger maths than yours.
But more seriously, you'll remember the weird goal for 'realism' of the time. Didn't matter how complicated it is, as long as it's 'realistic'. I'd never seen it brought to such an extreme but I'm not terribly surprised either 🤨​

Lately I've been busier on the birdsite than I'd like to be but, you know, promotion and shit 😁


Pitin même pas 10 minutes de cet épisode et j'ai déjà dépensé 40 dollars... Rrradio Rôliste-euh !

I don't know why the University of Oxford Style Guide and the Oxford Style Guide aren't agreeing on this, but I'm grateful that one of them gives the same rules for ellipses as we have in French. It saves me neurons.


We all know about double denim. But what do we think about double Warduke?

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[Jdr, extrême droite] Drama dans le (très petit) milieu du jdr parce que un type, que à peu près tout le monde déteste, s'est mis à aborder fièrement ses idées pro facho.

Et, comme à chaque élection française, plein de gens ont "mal à leur jdr"

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Quand mon smartphone aura rendu l'âme (#ecologie oblige) j'opterai pour le couple #murena - #fairphone... Pour mon anniversaire vu le prix !

Murena à l’assaut du grand public avec son smartphone One et la V1 de /e/OS, entretien avec Gaël Duval

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