Hey, is there any cyberpunk-y systems people would recommend? I've tried out shadowrun and I wasn't a huge fan (though that couldve been because of the people I was with at the time) but I am curious to see if there is anything worthwhile out there

@duotone Shadowrun is a lot. Very crunch.

I like pbta games, so I'd suggest The Sprawl and The Veil.

I compare them both to Ghost in the Shell. The Sprawl is like the shooty mission aspect (except more mercenary), and The Veil is more the philosophy and social impact aspect. Though they both have crossover.

@Noneuclidery ooooo, I'll have to check those out, thank you very much

@duotone I've never found any specifically cyberpunk-y system on cyberpunk games, but _Blades in the Dark_ stroke me as very cyberpunk-y.

@Yoric ohh yeah true, I could see that. I have always wanted an excuse to check it out since I've heard good things from it

@duotone Sigmata is a great one that combines anti fascist resistance organization with an 80s cyberpunk vibe

@duotone I've been using GURPS, it's been working out pretty well for me. The rules are exhaustive and sometimes exhausting though. You're only supposed to take what you need and I tend to take more than I should sometimes.

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