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being happy when the end of the world happens call that an apogalypse

Does anybody have advice when it comes to separating in character emotions from out of character emotions?? Since im autistic i have a hard time with emotions in general and sometimes they turn themselves up to 11 without asking me. I've had to bite my tongue more often than I'd like because I know whatever would come out of my mouth IC would be harsher than the situation might warrant or need, and sometimes this is fueled by something OOG

and they named him Milvendil, or "Milf-friend", in the old milvish

my dm after i show him the third tiefling character i've shown him in a row: im sensing a pattern

i love when ppl put in silly little details abt their dnd characters, for example i heard abt a character who was afraid of ducks for no reason!! idc if theres an intricate meaning or not its rad and i think dnd is so cool :starry_eyes:

literally just now i was like "wow i wish i was in a game based around hades (the game)" and like. im literally already in an ancient greek themed campaign

if you dont even have ONE milf pc what are you even doing

re: controversial opinion?? maybe 

or at least if its almost purely rp the gm has to have a VERY good grasp on pacing

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controversial opinion?? maybe 

this might have the energy of that "i dont care about your elbow" vine but i think combat can enhance a story and a game with almost only rp can get very slow and dull, especially if youre not outgoing enough to seize the rp moments by the horns

hey im looking for some good dnd podcast refs! or any other ttrpg tbh
im familiar w taz, dames and dragons (i should catch up on that tbh) aaaand nothing else fgdjhk

I love wizard spells but i wish there were cooler ones that were named like "make head explode" and "heart attack 2"

im gonna go to bed yall, have a good night :blobtrans:

every single time i start playing dnd all my dm hears out of my mouth is clown honking

being happy when the end of the world happens call that an apogalypse

I, personally, think that you don't get to complain about people who aren't Being Careful if you're going to movie theaters

of course i could be banned for life for my sub-par toots

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is down?? i cant log in for some reason

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