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being happy when the end of the world happens call that an apogalypse

no one does it to human monks or barbs and maybe its time we should /jk

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augh i like crit role but the way that its made it impossible to play a tiefling trickster cleric or blood hunter (without drawing comparisons) is kinda infuriating

clowns are like the one thing im not Scared scared by so a whole horror campaign set in a carnival.. well sign me up babey

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AND nightfell. so much good shit is just around the corner im vibrating w excitement

IM SO EXCITED FOR HECKNA!!! [starts tearing off the drywall and eating the house meat]

this has also happened to me many times though so glass houses

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i love when ppl talk to me abt an overpowered spell and you realise theyve just been playing it completely wrong the whole time

yes i AM thinking too deep abt ttrpgs again but its my god given right

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and nothing is trying to sell u anything, just ppl making what they love!

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theres something very gratifying about making a dnd campaign all about the things u love and the tropes u enjoy

but it also comes with the caveat that i dont think i could make an adventure by myself so i think i'll have to suffer :think_disappointed:

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but for real i am shaking my little cage trying to get us to play something thats not dnd. please please anything

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me trying to pitch weird ttrpgs to my usually staunch dnd group: can you guys just be cool for a second and play this game made by a latvian teen where you play as your longing and depravity

if shes your girl then why is she going through a meaningful story arc with me

my dm is letting me play a bat person in our new campaign but because its a darker setting/world it cant be super cartoony, or at least he would probably make fun of me if it was ddjkgfjdjk (not seriously though ofc)

when youre sitting in the session and its the person you really hates turn to divulge their backstory

Hey, is there any cyberpunk-y systems people would recommend? I've tried out shadowrun and I wasn't a huge fan (though that couldve been because of the people I was with at the time) but I am curious to see if there is anything worthwhile out there

ahh im so excited for thirsty sword lesbians, it looks so cool PLUS they got the circus + hyena stretchgoals reached so i rly hope i find a gm to run it

loving the dissonance of my friend having paragraphs of info for his personality traits etc in his character sheet and mine just says "circusts"

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