Do you prefer homebrew or existing modules for your games? Or maybe a healthy mix?

I am still very much a n00b DM, and love having all the material ready in the official modules. Getting braver at adapting stuff to fit the group, but it's still a nice support.

The current 5e campaign I'm DMing is Tomb of Annihilation, having an absolute blast with it so far (4 sessions in - they are midway fighting their way up Firefinger).

@dungeonlibrary, Generally I rely heavily on the official content. there is a lot of stuff in the official books now so with a quick search I can find stuff to fit the situations.

I'm still a novice DM too so I don't use homebrew often but when I do it's mainly monsters so I can have more creatures that fit an area like using the book wyrm from Fluffy Folio on twitter as a cute set piece in the libraries of the magic school Strathaven.

When I used to DM weekly I'd spend far too much time homebrewing everything about the setting.
As I've aged, I found that I have less time to do that (and I don't DM anymore) as such using a healthy mixture of homebrew and published content worked pretty well for me the last time I did it.

@dungeonlibrary I've got uses for both. A module is good to start things off, solidly grounded, an expected situation. Writing own adventures lets me tailor the experience to my players and their characters.

Otoh, a full prewritten campaign or series of modules can get complicated, and I can lose track of or misuse hanging plot threads meant to be used later. And winging it can lead to creative burnout or writing myself into a corner, anxiety for next session.

@dungeonlibrary In my longest Star Wars RPG campaign, I used to create my own scenarios. I think out of 70+ scenarios, I only ran perhaps 4 published ones.

@dungeonlibrary I write some adventures (though I often use an existing map for a dungeon), and while I gleefully off-and-on collect published adventures that interest me I admit they mostly get cannibalized for their component parts and kitbashed into other adventures, stuff I've written, and so forth.

Published works are nice for cannibalizing stats (where applicable) ~

@dungeonlibrary I like both. When I started DMing a long long time ago, I was all homebrew all the time (partially because 3e didn't have any great adventure paths/modules I was aware of), but in recent years I've come to enjoy having the skeleton pre written in a module because of the prep time savings.

I also enjoy the "shared experience" element of modules where I can enjoy conversation with other groups about modules we played in common.

@dungeonlibrary nice. I'm running ToA and about 5 sessions in (although this is my live game and we play ~6 hours each session).

I don't do a lot from scratch and I also don't do modules without changing a bunch of stuff. So I guess I'm in the middle :)

@Undead_Merchant middle is good, I think. I run my game online, 2-3 hour sessions. How many players have you got?

@dungeonlibrary I'm running this for 6 players. 4 are brand new and 2 have limited experience.

The party is made up of; Arakokra Bard, Halfling Bard, Dragonborn Paladin, Human Ranger, Half-Elf Druid, and a Tabaxi Rogue. They are in the jungle but only level 4 but with their numbers they seem to be doing good :)

What does your group look like?

@Undead_Merchant cool. I got five, with various levels of experience too. One brand new. Elven monk, tiefling druid, elven bard, yuan-ti warlock, half-orc fighter/warlock. They didn't know which module when they rolled up characters, only "jungel'y and dungeoncrawl'y".

@dungeonlibrary yeah I didn't tell my group. Play what you want and we'll make it work :)

@Undead_Merchant I think that makes for more fun - also avoids certain elements of metagaming some players may have. I had them roll up without knowing what the others rolled too, just to see how it worked out. They don't have a cleric, but between them they have enough healing and other support magics, I'm not worried at all :)

@dmtales none, so far! But the pterafolk failed their grapples to toss someone off the spire last session...

@dmtales They have been in three fights so far, one was a runaway dino in the streets and could have gone badly (they never understood how badly), the next was a rolled up encounter with some ghouls (and they ran away when the big zombie arrived), and now they are on their way up the tower where the pterafolk has been rolling badly so far :D

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