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Several of the cannons lined up outside the museum are from the mid-to-late 1700s, and can probably be found in the protocols :)

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This is your reminder to test your cannons.

The photo is from a protocol of cannon testing from 1773. Titled "Artillery Versuche 1773", the books (we have several years of these) outline testing various cannons, depictions of the impact spread, and various measurements done.

Do you prefer homebrew or existing modules for your games? Or maybe a healthy mix?

I am still very much a n00b DM, and love having all the material ready in the official modules. Getting braver at adapting stuff to fit the group, but it's still a nice support.

The current 5e campaign I'm DMing is Tomb of Annihilation, having an absolute blast with it so far (4 sessions in - they are midway fighting their way up Firefinger).

I am just a small museum librarian who plays a lot of ttrpgs (and other games). I am currently a player in 2 5e campaigns and the DM of one. I also DM Vaesen, play in a Svavelvinter campaign, participate in a Masks run, and have just fallen in love with Mörk Borg after a super fun one-shot.

I will probably split my focus on sharing tingies and stuff about old books

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