I don't suppose anyone has room for two in a spacey sci-fi campaign

@dungeondxddy my Patreon indeed, at patreon.com/wanderingbeekeeper. A lot of older posts and some of the newer stuff is public. Development compiles of the game manual and some other stuff are restricted to patrons. Ignore the Tiers - $1 gets you access to all online Patron content. The higher Tiers will get hardcopies, dibs on playtesting, that sort of thing. Thanks for the comment!

A little bard chorus, as a treat 

"Pay your swordsmen and your wizards and your bards especially,
Adventuring's a service that can't be done for free.
Heroes get hungry, just the same as dungeons do,
And if we can't fight 'em, they'll be coming after you."

Writing an adventure for Make Out Point, a common ground of excitement for you love. Two people enter the haunted house atop the hill together. If they make it out together, it's meant to be.

Found out today that you can put basic dice notation into a Google search and you'll get a virtual dice roller to give you the outcome.

Challenge prompt, horror/fantasy 

Your players have been made prisoners and must work for their freedom in a kitchen. They must yield a minimum amount of meat from the livestock given to them, which is already weighed to an amount that leaves little room for waste and error. After the last animal is butchered, the party comes short. Conjury won't work to fix it because the master of the meal saves their meat appetite for this ocassion, and will notice.

Where does the rest of the meat come from?

D&d posting:

For the last couple years, my wife has been such a great source of help when brainstorming adventure plots and little details. It's so nice when I need a little polish or when I'm completely stuck.

She came up with the idea of having a town that works like Omelas from that book by Ursula LeGuinn, and seeing what the players do with the premise (they rescued the kid and doomed the town lol)


D&D Amber don't look 

Since one of my players couldn't connect the other night, we stayed in a small town for a few days. One character made friends and another met one of my favorite NPCs, whose motivations include larceny, healing services for the working class, and pursuit of a fabled order of transwomen, the Lost Daughters of Rykbris (rick-bree)

Treasure trap: a puzzle box with a keyhole. Players find the key down the line (perhaps on a related corpse? the locksmith has a brand on the box?) and when they turn the key, it doesn't quite click and the box doesn't open. Players keep turning, and finally the lock clicks! And then it begins to tick, and the key begins to spin slowly in the opposite direction. A bomb has been triggered and it can be stopped if the players can solve the puzzle box.

Contents and significance are up to you, GM.

D&D Worldbuilding, homebrew. 

My undead city, Havenvale, has a large mansion estate at the eastern end, facing west into the ghost town. At one point it has a bell in a tower. After the city was overtaken by citizens of Edgewood and humans chased from their homes (some of them remain as ghosts,) the bell was replaced with a guillotine.

I think I'm going to properly put pen to paper and write out main and secondary content for my Font of Life/Eternal Night campaign, and maybe start running it in the summer?

High tooting, fantasy literature rec, RPG rec request 

Terry Pratchetts world would be my favorite RPG setting tbh, does this exist?

He got the modern archetypes just right. The difference between his wizards and witches as magic systems is brilliant.

It would probably need to be something like fate since any world id run wouldnt be combat heavy

Okay, tell me about the coolest rpg characters you've ever played or have wanted to play. Get gritty and detailed pls.

Non d&d RPGs are very valid and welcome too.

i heartily recommend everybody just make dungeons. Draw them. It's good for the soul. They're your dungeons.

giving advice to a friend in the pregame about the trouble he's having getting his ideas out: "WRITE 'EM ALL AND LET GOD SORT THEM OUT."

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I launch Tuesday morning.

I've finally put everything in, including the video.

Can anybody tell me whether something needs addressing, or if this is the final draft before launch day?

Boosts super appreciated.


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Priority order: Healing, Charism, Heavy, Stealth. Heavy sort of drifts in the top three.

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