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Here is a quick of a roadster I made at lunch. There was a nice car show going on across the street.

📻 My reaction to a podcast episode almost fully dedicated to Pepper&Carrot by Digital Strips → Blog post:


Ah yes another stupid strip. Churritos sound... unappetizing for probably the most obvious reasons.

Hey everybody! The first issue of #TalesFromTheFediverse is now out! Thanks for the support over the past few months!
And as always: boosts are appreciated!

first 2 pages of my new #comic MIAG! about powerful #cats, a curious little girl, a potentially haunted house and mysterious electrical happenings ... the works!

#mastoart #mastodraw #creativetoots #art #comics

'Twisting and turning' by UK textile artist Rachel Wright, machine embroidered on calico with various fabrics #womensart


Here are a few sketches I made in Greenwich Village today. I used a brush pen for the sketch of Garibaldi's statue. I'm still far more comfortable with a fountain pen, but it turned out OK.

Someone just mentioned in their intro post which reminded me I illustrated an ithkuil sentence I made Tuesday. Ithkuil is by far my favorite conlang. Who else has a favorite?

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