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Luca Tiev-Barr, High Commander of the Redcloaks (drawn on stream)

BTILC board game is long, so we have to save our character's status for next time? I only died once... in the first act.

Big Trouble in Little China the board game fun, but I think we're going to die!

Here are a few quick sketches I took while I was at the Hudson Yards today. I was going to do a long detailed drawing, but it started to get too cold and wet.

I'm starting a Ravnica D&D campaign and I'm having my PC's create characters that would respond to this recruitment flyer. What do you guys think?

Here is the next installment of Small, Medium and large, where we actually learn the names of our intrepid detective trio. Next month will be the last SM&L for a while, I hope you've enjoyed them so far!

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Did a little portrait of my high elf cleric last night, pretty pleased with how it turned out!

Ms Chastity Lovelace, guild mistress of the requiem of the night.

Playing “The Thing: Infection at Outpost 31” tonight. I hope I get to be an alien (sorry, “Infected”) this time.


Yesterday I made some quick sketches of some bulls, which of course, led me to drawing a butler minotaur. I'm working on a Ravnica D&D campaign, so I think I'll include this fellow as a minor NPC.

From the 1879 GM's Guide (, the harpy, a transitional theropod ridden by the Saurids, especially in the forests and foothills. More nimble than the buff, less cantankerous than the hunchbeak, the harpy can be a bit of a handful but makes an agile mount. Art by Christianne Benedict.

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