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Rough painting done with Procreate. I could import my Photoshop brushes, a couple of them need some tweaking. I like it so far!

#art #illustration #creativetoots #mastoart

Some digital sketchy things. I have been having fun... and only just discovered where the blending layer modes are in Procreate :P

#MastoArt #DigitalArt

I thought it was time to attempt something that was Not A Bust :P while I really like drawing these pieces digitally I still find them incredibly intimidating to colour, hence this one mostly being greyscale. Considering printing out the lines so I can transfer them to watercolour paper instead!

#MastoArt #DigitalArt

npc for a campaign i'm planning on dming soon :]
he's a desert elf (homebrew subrace) & the kindly mayor of an isolated, religiously-subversive town the players will be starting in! #mastoart #art

Here is a little more about William Hornaday and what he has to do with NYC
Next week I'll be taking a dive into the waterlife of the city.

#collage #MastoArt #Photoshop

"Rose Room 3" - A stained red wall is set w/3 flowered plates on its vert. L. side. On the R. is a squ. wood frame w/a white spotted abstract painting feat. a plate-sized black ring & a silver fork. A band of pink rose trim runs along wall's bottom. A male figure stands at L. on a floor of ocean ripples, w/a sky-blue, white-clouded drape behind him. His head is a large fork as he looks at the wall. Caption reads: "Though praise ends, process goes on."

Here is a bit of a blast from my past, to before I moved to New York even. This weeks comic also introduces William Hornaday, the man who went to the Bronx to save the buffalo . More on that next week.

Here is the exciting conclusion of my "The Moment I Knew I Loved her" story line. Although I could go on for a while with rodent based stories here in NYC, next week I'm moving on to the buffalo of the Bronx.

I honestly love using completely inane brushes for bizarre things.

Like recently, I discovered that a grain-type overlay brush could be used to make a nice sports bra texture.

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