Kaijune 2020.1. #art #kaijune #kaijune2020 #kaijunechallenge #kaiju #kaijumonster #monster #toho #godzilla #creaturedesign #creature

Gryph-Griff, a Sōgoju based on two Kaiju: The Griffon, a giant lion with bird wings on its back and talons for feet from the 1969 Toho film Latitude Zero; and The Gryphon, a more monstrous, bat-winged creature that was designed as an enemy for Godzilla to fight in concepts for an unmade 1996 American movie.

hey to all of you guys out there protesting and fighting the good fight, I have a deep and immense respect for you, you guys are *way* stronger than people like me who abjectly fear confrontation and buckle at the slightest notion of stress

more power to ya, everyone, you deserve it

Here a next cropped portion of my last weeks #gouache collage.

I hope you like it. Full version wallpaper is on my page.

#art #mastoart #TraditionalArt #illustration

sketched up one of my draukitore, a blue water user named V'sha :3 very happy with this , hoping to color tomorrow!
#art #sketch #dragon

145. Dimetrodon: my favorite dinosaur when I was 7. I know. Synapsids aren't dinosaurs.

#dimetrodon #mastoart

The Met has put some of their collection online. You can search it here:

For public domain only, turn ON the "Open Access" checkbox.

A search for "mastodon" came up empty. I tried "elephant" and got this Japanese woodblock art print.

View of the Large Imported Elephant
1863 (Bunkyo 3, 4th month)
Taguchi (Utagawa) Yoshimori
Woodblock print; ink and color on paper

#MastoArt #art #elephant

Here's another girl I've drawn, she's a fire demon! I didn't give her a name either
Hm, I always like to create a lot of OC's and character concepts, but I never really develop or make anything with them, maybe someday I'll recycle some of these old ideas and make a short comic or something like that idk

#art #oc

Here is the introduction to the final section of "Animals of the Apple" after the next four pages I'll have enough to actually put it in print which should be fun. As always you can also read my comic at www.animalsoftheapple.com/comic22.html

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