@morganth why did that make you sad? was it lack of quantum leap?

Here is a quick of a roadster I made at lunch. There was a nice car show going on across the street.

📻 My reaction to a podcast episode almost fully dedicated to Pepper&Carrot by Digital Strips → Blog post: davidrevoy.com/article719/

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@David_A_Webcomic Great, courtesy of @ExilianOfficial for the webspace you can now get a copy at exilian.co.uk/projects/Fediver :)

(And the mirrored one is a couple of megabytes smaller as I ran it through a PDF cruncher!).


that is good to know. One of my mentors in high school died because his marrow transplant didn’t go well. The more donors that sign up, the less likely that is to happen because they can get a closer match.

Hey everybody! The first issue of #TalesFromTheFediverse is now out! Thanks for the support over the past few months!
And as always: boosts are appreciated!

first 2 pages of my new #comic MIAG! about powerful #cats, a curious little girl, a potentially haunted house and mysterious electrical happenings ... the works!

#mastoart #mastodraw #creativetoots #art #comics

'Twisting and turning' by UK textile artist Rachel Wright, machine embroidered on calico with various fabrics #womensart

#FridayFeeling t.co/m4TXoWc3aV

Here are a few sketches I made in Greenwich Village today. I used a brush pen for the sketch of Garibaldi's statue. I'm still far more comfortable with a fountain pen, but it turned out OK.

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