Sorry for posting a little late this week the recent events in this country have not left me in a good state of mind to work on my comic. At any rate I hope you enjoy my little story about whales. As always you can also read this comic at

Here is the introduction to the final section of "Animals of the Apple" after the next four pages I'll have enough to actually put it in print which should be fun. As always you can also read my comic at

Here is a little more about William Hornaday and what he has to do with NYC
Next week I'll be taking a dive into the waterlife of the city.

Here is a bit of a blast from my past, to before I moved to New York even. This weeks comic also introduces William Hornaday, the man who went to the Bronx to save the buffalo . More on that next week.

Here is the exciting conclusion of my "The Moment I Knew I Loved her" story line. Although I could go on for a while with rodent based stories here in NYC, next week I'm moving on to the buffalo of the Bronx.

Here is the first page of my little story of the moment I knew I loved the lady who become by wife, which of course features a rat. You can also read this as well as all of my "Animals of the Apple" comics at

Here is the Introduction to my comics about our favorite furry friends. I have two good stories lined up for the next four weeks, but this was the category that I had the most ideas for two page stories for. Everything from beavers to squirrels have been part of our history, and I have lots of personal stories about rats alone. As always you can also read this comic at

Here is the exciting conclusion of my little cemetery monk parrot story. You can also read the page at

next week is the start of my mammal stories so check in next week to see some firballs.

This weeks "Animals of the Apple" features my favourite transplanted species of New York- the adorable monk hood parakeets. As always you can also read this page at

I did get a chance to visit Greenwood Cemetery just before the bulk of the COVID-19 measures went into place. In addition to the birds the grounds were quite a lovely place for a walk.

Here is the exciting conclusion of the pigeon versus gull. You can also read it if you go to www.animalsoftheapple/comic14.html next week I'll take a look at the monks we have in Brooklyn. If you like these comics pleaser consider voting for it at

Here is a I made of a game I played tonight. Unfortunately it was a game using roll20 which is what we will be using until this corvid 19 thing settles down. No offense to roll20, but there is nothing like a good tabletop rpg with friends.

Here is the first comic in the epic pigeon versus seagull showdown. You can also read the page at or if you're bored with a shelter in place thing or the like why not read all of the "Animals of the Apple" stories starting with And remember it's more important now than ever- don't lick subway poles.

Here is the introduction to the birds section of my "Animals of the Apple" webcomic. You can also see the page at

Here is a I took while at Greenwood Cemetery. The bell tower at the main gate hosts a colony of monk parakeets, which are not quite to scale in this sketch, they are a bit too big. I included a photo of one too.

Played the Lord of the Rings Trivial Pursuit with other covid-19 unemployed family. The ring wrath mechanic made us use the spokes more often. Fun, but man, I don't know those movies a well as I thought I did.

Here is the exciting conclusion to my snake on the shoulder story. Tune in next week to see my take on birds in the city.

I made a or 2 during lunch. I'm working on birds because my next stories with my "animals of the Apple" webcomic will be all about out feathered friends.

This weeks comic takes us back to the aughts when I worked at a fancy store on 5th ave. You can also follow my comic at its website

I've still got two more pages of reptiles to do for my comic, but I already have birds on the brain for next month. A or two here of a monk parakeet should give you a taste of what's to come

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