#2178 "Expiration Date High Score" 

The difference between my wife and me when it comes to fashion, a drama in two sentences 

Hey once again fediverse! Another announcement about #TalesFromTheFediverse Volume 2 here!
If you're a #writer or #artist and want your work to be published in Tales From The Fediverse Volume 2, DM me with your ideas and I'll more than likely accept them!
If you can't do a full story, then do a cover! Submit your ideas via DM and we'll go from there!
And as always, boosts are appreciated!

Image of a firearm, potential meme template 

Horizon line

Ah, the horizon line, the artist's favorite tool, the construct that makes perspective drawing at snap, the flat earther's most irritating bit of nonsense, how we love you. This is a fun and silly strip by the remarkable John!

#art #comics #comicstrip #indicomic #webcomic #funny #flatearther #horizonline #perspective #perspectiveart #classroom #nostupidquestion

#2174 "First News Memory" 

This is a quick I made yesterday at the New York Botanticle Gardens. It was based on a giant topiary caterpillar, but I didn't get off the tram to sketch it so I'm not sure how accurate it is.

Advertising, making fun of poor wording 

Here is a little kirby to brighten up your day!

A praying mantis trapped in amber, approximately 12 million years old

Heeeeeeey Fedi
The submissions window for pitches for #TalesFromTheFediverse is open right now, if you're a #writer or #artist and want to contribute, DM me with your ideas, and I'll probably accept them! And if you can't contribute a full story, just give me a pitch for a cover!
As always, boosts are appreciated!

Just rescued a crepuscular burnet (Zygaena carniolica) from the pool and used the opportunity while it dried it's wings to take some pictures.

Crepuscular burnets are endangered in Austria. The caterpillars like sainfoins and lotus. We have common bird's-foot trefoil (a lotus) in the garden which I'm trying to protect from my grandmother's lawn-mowing-craze. See here:

#butterfly #moth

Summer shenanigans! ☀️
Too bad Dike isn't really the type to enjoy bitter vengeance.

#dreammakers #art #mastoart #mastodraw #comic #oc

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