A short film made from over 400000 images released by ESA from the 2017 Rosettas comet mission.


Hello fedeverse,

After a year of being comics collaborators we have decided to make a bunch of changes to our little group. Including changing our names we are now "Paper, Pen, and Pixel" our website didn't change much but it is now at www.paperpenandpixel.com

We've also started to change our focus. Instead of focusing on posting a comic a week, we are focusing on making comics we can put to print. We will still have a featured comic we will update every once in a while which we'll toot!

Today: one year of strips today!
One year of comic tomorrow!
One sense of accomplishment permeating through my brain!

Someone's deck of exploding kittens seems to have exploded all over the sidewalk.

If I ever write a book, I'd call it "The Inspiring True Story" when in reality, it's anything but. When I sell the film rights, I'd ensure that the movie's name is completely different, and then have the trailers say "Based on "The Inspiring True Story"" without lying.

Savor the Flavor

Here is the latest of John's comic strip series. It's a little gross, but nothing I would be surprised to see on the subway.

#comics #webcomic #comicstrip #subway #ass #nyc #nyclife #art


Protesting works: New York Times has scrapped plans to sponsor one of the world’s biggest oil industry conferences after pressure from climate campaigners including Extinction Rebellion. theguardian.com/media/2019/sep

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