Here is my post for day 22 - chef. I went to the aquarium on Coney Island today, and was inspired by the sea otters and the gulls for this one.

Here is my day 20 post for - coral. This is a bit of a 17 year old memory. I remember when I worked on a cruise ship that there was this beach that you could snorkel from on Grand Cayman, and at the end of the beach there was a mostly sunken boat with coral growing on its rudder.

Yesterday's #oc_tober / #inktober piece. Got a little over ambitious and picked a difficult pose so I didn't get around to inking and coloring the sketch til today.

Maya again from our campaign. She still has two arms in this one. :P She's not usually one for dancing, but she's very drugged out at this moment.


Here is my day 19 post - dizzy. I went with Gillespie this year. They did repeat that one from last year for some reason. I based this one on one of the photos on his Wikipedia page.

nanpa wan, la sina kama nasa. nanpa tu, la sina kama sona.
First you become dizzy, then you become wise.

#Inktober day 19 #TokiPona

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Commission for @chr !!!

Sometimes I wish I could detach my lower half and do direct maintenance on it too tbh

#furry #scifi #robot #mastoart #queerartist #transartist

For my post - trap, I decided to portray every cat owners nightmare. I've always had a hard time drawing Artemis, my cat, because her fur is roughly the same color as the blackness between the stars. This turned out a little better than my norm.

WIP of a new adopt series that will be released VERY soon!

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