As always, I'll take any chance I can to draw hands!
Enjoy a deep dive into the crazy mind of Bretagne this week...
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When a tree gets knocked down in a storm and blocks you bike path the next day why get mad when you can make a ?

I made a or two and a few notes at Paul Macdonald gave an excellent lecture on Pict culture

Here is another I made at the virtual this one after taking a close quarter with tomahawk class with Steve Huff.

Here is a I made while attending a lecture by John Longanbaugh about Sherlock Holems and 18th century marital arts. Combatcon is virtual this year, but still fun.

Here is the Cover for Volume one of Animals of the Apple. I was planing on getting a booth at Comics Art Brooklyn to debut the printed version of Animals of the Apple, but thanks to COVID-19 that is not going to happen this year. I am planning on making the print version available sometime in August though.

I've been commissioned by @cambrian_era to draw this character. It was fun fun fun! So fun that I ended up turning it into the book cover :D

But reality is even better, it actually is on the book cover and you can read it here:

#commissionsopen #MastoArt #bookcover #CharacterDesign

First try with gouache. I think I should check out a few tutorials or tips and tricks when working with this medium. Very different from what I'm used to.

Have any of you ever tried gouache? What are your experiences? Any tips for a beginner?

#art #mastoart #sketchbook #gouache #elf


Shoutout to all my peeps at Comicadia! Drawn by we've got a big crossover here! We such greats like:

All at #Comicadia!



Hey! my comic MoonSlayer updated today! 🔥🔥 7.1.04: ✅ Support my work on Patreon and unlock new content: Have a nice week! 💫 #webcomics #comicadia #comic #comics #art #webcomic #promotecomics #supportcomics #makecomics #comica


why was i up late last night just figuring out how to make a simple web site? well,

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