Nude figure drawing 

Moin!/Good Evening! Well, a turbulent day ends. Have a tranquil #Geskizzel and a good night! #art #sketch #ink #sea #sailboat #swan

In this week's report, I take a brief look at picking the project back up in 2020, and making serious progress with the artwork.

#gamedev #indiedev #gameart

Wrapping up this week of daily #inkyDays drawings while thinking about bones and molecules. Here's a work-in-progress photo. The finished drawing is on my Patreon:

#generative #art #ink #drawing

Here is the first page of my alligators in the sewer story. Next week will be an exploration of what our one alligator in the sewer spawned in or culture and imaginations.

You can also read along at

Hey Poet don't do that.
Found an old sketch and worked on it a bunch this week!
The full image is available for $5+ patrons~ :3
#mastoart #cyborg

'an impact of fear'

jwildfire + gimp

#art #mastoart

(this time without typos 😴)

Power concedes nothing without a demand. It never did and it never will.
-Frederick Douglass
Print free series #zine
#art #illustration #BlackHistoryMonth

Hopefully first of the twelve I want to make this year.

You can support me here if you like it:

And see it in better resolution here:

#mastoart #creaturedesign #kritaart

My wife and I are going to see "The Gentlemen" and "Portrait of a Lady on Fire" this weekend, and I'm trying and failing to come up with some elaborate "Ladies and Gentlemen" joke to bring the two together.


My train was a bit early this morning so I had time for a quick of the Oculus this morning.

My friend took pity on me and commissioned me again so I can eat real food this week 😅 #MastoArt

Here is my introduction to the reptile section for my "Animals of the Apple" you can also read it at

Next week will be the true story of the alligator in the sewer.

Made a Magical Girl for Twitter.

Prin Purin is a Magical Girl Hunter with an Anxious Cookie Mascot. Also a Sun Fish Pin.

#Art #mastoart #magicalgirl #oc #cute

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