Is this a good idea?

I have no idea.

I will be strapping onto to it like almost everything I do nowadays, but how the chasis works, or how I make the prompts tease out a larger narrative... that's what's left to discover, I suppose.

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2. I love - it's an online site that lets you create bespoke generators with fairly approachable syntax. Rather than record my prompts linearly, I'll have them generated somewhat procedurally to make the experience feel unique, with "rollable tables" larger than you could ever sensibly put in a pdf.

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This will be a solo-rpg, but to mix that up a bit, I think I'm going to:

1. Make it more of a journalling game. It'll have prompts to walk you through your living days, how you pass the lonely times between, and encounters as people discover your hulk floating through space.

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A friend recently explained the genre to me, and I haven't been able to get it out of my head.

I'm still working out the details, but my game is going to focus on a spaceship adrift through the cosmos that somehow comes to sentience.

You'll play as the gem, probably the spirit of a member of the crew who died.

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So I've decided to join the RPG-Talk Jam...

The theme is space!

I fought my urge to develop a TTRPG centered around gathering characters from across the cartoon-verse to play a lopsided sportsball match.


As The Sun Forever Sets its about a War of the World's-type invasion at in turn of the century England.

A very grounded story about living through an invasion with unlikely allies, this game has some incredible game aids and character sheets that put you in the moment.

Somewhere in the middle in terms of with no playbooks. You're abilities aren't special; you're just another survivor trying to get to safety.

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External Containment Bureau is the X-Files/Men in Black/Fringe/Control (video game) you've surely been yearning for.

Be a government agent responsible for investigating and containing supernatural events. Gain paranormal abilities and navigate Kafkaesque bureaucracies.

An easy to get into, very light game with a novel setting.

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Crescent Moon is about kids lost in a strange dreamland.

The world is very abstract and full of strange opportunities and feelings. The book is beautifully laid out and really puts you in the right space.

Given the heavy narrative side, I thought it would be more mechanics-light, but it's a pretty earnest

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Slugblaster is the vibiest of vibes.

Teenagers breaking rules for views across multiple universes.

Futuretech, monsters, skater culture, all wrapped up in a crazy Toejam & Earl-like aesthetic. Very light but (slaps hood) this baby's good it where it counts...

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This might be a really slow thread by the way, as a warning... I'm on mobile.

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The older I get the more I gravitate to more narrative systems.

The reward now more than anything is just getting together with friends and telling stories to each other.

The system is really doing it for me right now, but Blades itself is kind of a downer. The core rules have a ton of potential and there are magnificent hackers out there doing some great work. 🧵

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