Hi everyone! I'm coming over from the fosstodon instance. It's a fine place, but it reminds me too much of work. I'm a huge fan of all tabletop games, though RPGs and Card Games are probably what I play the most. I'm looking forward to being a part of this community and talking about nerd stuff with all of you!

Socializing is pretty impossible now days, so I'm glad to have found an online community that is excited about the things I'm excited about.

Hello, nice to have you here. I hope you'll find yourself right at home in this community :)
What TTRPGs do you usually play?

Thanks! I mostly play 5e right now, but I'm dying to run Traveler, Call of Cthulhu, or Cyberpunk. I'll prob try once we can have people over again. I play with my kids right now, which is fun but means we keep things family friendly. Which do you play?

@deviaan @pench4nt Love Call of Cthulhu, it's a great game and very different from the usual combat/encounter based role playing. It's one of the main games I run along with Pathfinder.

Welcome aboard .. I'm new here too 👍​

@th3heal3r @pench4nt Thanks! Welcome as well! Yeah I'm super excited to try it out. I'm a big fan of Pathfinder as well, though I haven't played it in a while.

@deviaan My go-to game is 5e as well. I have tried other games like Mage and some one-shot RPGs.
I wanna try many more games though. Burning Wheel, CoC, PbTA games, PF2 and OSR games are on my list.

@pench4nt A pretty great list! It's a great thing about this hobby that there are so many different game styles we can play.

@deviaan Absolutely! The only catch is that you need to convince other people to learn the systems as well :P

@WanderingBeekeeper Right now just 5e, though sessions are pretty rare. I mostly play with my kids, though they sometimes invite a neighborhood friend or two over.

I'd like to get a game of Traveler going at some point, though. I hope the Core book comes back in stock soon. Also, Call of Cthulu and Cyberpunk are at the top of my "games to play list". Other than that Warhammer and Runequest seem pretty interesting. So many games, so little time!

What about you?

@deviaan I used to do Earthdawn, and was line developer for 1879. I haven't gamed since I left FASA back in May. Previously, I've done WoD, CoC, Traveller, Paranoia, Albedo, and more one off stuff than I care to list. Cyberpunk from R Talsorian is one I'd like to get into, I have friends in that company, but see above re: not currently gaming.

@WanderingBeekeeper Wow that's a really neat and impressive list!

Yeah, this pandemic has made things a lot harder. I've tried online games, but it's just not the same.

@deviaan In my case, it's not the pandemic, but a bad experience lasting six years, and the necessity of finding a creative endeavor of my own that gets a positive reaction. This is why I'm pushing so hard for Antillia, Last Geomancer, and OWHK. I've sworn off gaming entirely until I can come up with an original property that I get positive feedback from. It doesn't have to be commercially successful; is just has to break The Silence.

@deviaan welcome! I used to do some RPG podcasting, mostly fudge with Plus or Minus but a short stint of indy content with Tea Tea RPG. Just recently stepped back from it to focus on other stuff. I tend to be more into Indy RPGs.

@Capheind I can respect that! Indy RPGs always have the most interesting ideas.

@deviaan Hello! I'm new here and I like your intro, so I give you a follow!

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