@Alamantus yeah, I’m putting up my stuff on both, too. I was just curious as to which was a stronger sales driver. Especially since, if I recall correctly, itch.io takes a smaller cut

@dapperbear I personally prefer Itch.io, but I've mostly used it for video games. It does apparently generate sales, but all my stuff there is free, so I don't know from that front.

My upcoming release is going to be on *both* Itch and DTRPG because the more options you provide, the more people can potentially discover/buy it! Also, DTRPG offers print-on-demand, which is just generally cool.

tl;dr: why not both?

@ossifog “lol random”, “fuck you, Imma do what I want”, “chaotic stupid”, “what would piss off the paladin most?”

Adventurers using chronic medical conditions to their advantage.

Wizard with chronic nosebleeds starts using blood magic. “Well, I have it *right here*.”

Fighter with a missing hand. “Strap a sword to my arm and I’m good.”

Blind rogue: “I can’t see them, they can’t see me!” “Uh, that’s not how it w-“ “I CAN’T SEE THEM, THEY CAN’T SEE ME.”

So what do y’all think of DriveThruRPG versus itch.io as game distributors? I’ve had middling success (as a small game developer) on DTRPG, but recently created an account on itch, which seems more active, but heavily geared towards free games. Which do y’all prefer to get your games from?

A friend is going to run a (one-shot?) superhero game for me for my birthday & I’m trying to decide on what power/s I want. It’ll depend on the system, of course, but I love weird or minor powers used in unusual ways, so I’m trying to think of stuff I could get away with. Like, I get sound control & use it to make my own theme music. Or X-ray vision and use it for actual medical X-rays as a doctor. Stuff like that

@dapperbear Gosh I just want a clone or something with time so I can get more done!

@dapperbear a ring or necklace that provides a bonus to charisma :v that'd be real handy in job interviews

@dapperbear Some sort of health amulet or even a single use potion kept just in case. Man, once you turn 30 you start to feel the unavoidable pull of entropy on your body.

@dapperbear Woof, choice paralysis here.

uuuum... a flying broom. Always wanted to fly.

@dapperbear I think I'd go with, bag of holding.

It's just handy enough to be everyday use, but I'd also be able to get away with it, if it was disguised as a purse.


Question time!

If y’all could have any single minor to moderate magic item (no ring of wishes!) in your real life, what would you want? I think I’d like a tent like the Weasleys had in Goblet of Fire.

@Yoric sounds kinda like the video game Dungeon Keeper. There’s also a card game called Boss Monster that you may want to look at for inspiration/avoiding retreading old ground.


Pot metal magic swords. *technically* magic w/ that +1, but bend & deform shape incredibly easily.

Magic aura spell. Can be used on any item. Literally the only thing is does is create a magic aura. It doesn’t actually *do* anything or give any special abilities; it just registers as “yes” on Detect Magic checks.

Gourmet’s Bane: a magic cloth/sack/water skin that will generate a nigh endless amount of safe, nutritious food/water, but it’s the foulest stuff you ever tasted.

Well. I guess I hit the big time? I did a reverse image search of our logo both in the brown and b&w versions and found 2 twitter accounts using it as their profile pic and 2 companies on FB using it. Looks like one has it on their actual physical signage, too. Of course, each & every one of these is outside the USA, so there’s not a lot I can do other than ask them to stop.

Kinda pissed, tbh

The game jams are, respectively, the Transferable Class Skills Game Jam (itch.io/jam/transferable-class) and the Me, Myself, And My RPG Game Jam (itch.io/jam/me-myself-and-my-r). Go check out all the entries!

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Hello everyone! Sorry about my long silence; I had some health issues that laid me out for a while. But good news! I'm back, healthy as ever, and managed to get a couple of small games made for some game jams over at itchio! May I present:

The Medieval Times, a game where ex-adventurers become the fantasy world's first investigative journalists! dapperbear.itch.io/the-medieva

One Spell Per Day, a solo game where you play Bumblefoot the Wizard on one spell per day! dapperbear.itch.io/one-spell-p

Happy Love Day!

Whatever your relationship status, today is a day we can all come together and say “fuck the haters!*”

*specific identification TBD

So you know what, let’s talk about what you love. Specifically, what are some TT games you love? These can be anything; I just want to see y’all loving what you play. ❤️💛💙🎲

@dapperbear Depends on how much effort they have put into training said animal. If they just got it and it's not much more than I summoned this thing! Then I'll run it but as the game goes on and it develops a personality I give them more and more control over it.

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