Question time!

If y’all could have any single minor to moderate magic item (no ring of wishes!) in your real life, what would you want? I think I’d like a tent like the Weasleys had in Goblet of Fire.

@dapperbear I think I'd go with, bag of holding.

It's just handy enough to be everyday use, but I'd also be able to get away with it, if it was disguised as a purse.

@dapperbear Woof, choice paralysis here.

uuuum... a flying broom. Always wanted to fly.

@dapperbear Some sort of health amulet or even a single use potion kept just in case. Man, once you turn 30 you start to feel the unavoidable pull of entropy on your body.

@dapperbear a ring or necklace that provides a bonus to charisma :v that'd be real handy in job interviews

@dapperbear Gosh I just want a clone or something with time so I can get more done!

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