So in honor of Superb Owl Sunday, let’s discuss animal companions! Familiars, Druid pets, and other semi-NPC animals! How do you handle them? Have the player basically treat them like another PC they control? Have them full NPC where the player can suggest but not demand? Something in between?

How I do it for my players is that they can say what they want their animals to do, giving orders, but I control all dice rolls and specific actions.

@dapperbear in general I fully believe in offloading as much to the players as I can. They'er in control, they do the rolls. I do have them keep in mind what their pet can and can't do within the bounds of the setting/system. Orders can't be all that complex if it's a regular animal, but if it's magical in some way or they have a magical bond that shifts things a bit.

@dapperbear Depends on how much effort they have put into training said animal. If they just got it and it's not much more than I summoned this thing! Then I'll run it but as the game goes on and it develops a personality I give them more and more control over it.

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