@dapperbear —and in #fantasy worlds you can have #fantastical arctic weather, such as “Blue Frost”. Born of a fat funnel cloud that drops then disappears in mere minutes, temporarily opening a hole in the sky that reaches to space, anyone caught in it risks going into suspended animation within a near-impenetrable shell of blue frost. Victims can only be restored by prolonged exposure to large flames. Sometimes, in remote areas, you’ll encounter frozen blue beasts from ages past.

@dapperbear In “mild” Arctic conditions, beings not adapted to the climate (humans), without protective clothes & 2X the normal food, lose 1HP/day. As the weather gets harsher, it’s 1HP/hour, then minute, then turn. Without adaptive footwear (spikes, snowshoes) speed drops to 1/4 normal; with it, 1/2. Crossing ice requires regular Agility/Dexterity checks, unless you have skates, then you’re also 1 category faster. Snowfall drops visibility & max targeting range for guns & bows.

@dapperbear Using some of Pathfinder rules, I figure ice and snow make it difficult terrain, + lowers visibility, + dex/acrobatics saves on any ice. Cold = Fort checks or 1d6 nonlethal dmg. Survival skill + bonus to self & possibly others.How often = how cold it is. Cold weather gear = once per hour. Anyone who takes nonlethal dmg from cold or exposure has frostbite or hypothermia and gains fatigued condition. Extreme cold auto deals 1d6 lethal dmg/minute + Fort save/1d4 nonlethal.

Question time!

I’ve previously asked about if/how y’all use natural disasters in our games, so now let’s look at seasonal problems. Namely, winter’s bitter cold. How do you account for winter weather like freezing rain or hip-deep snowfall? Travel is going to be more arduous, ain’t gonna be no sneaking around, have to worry about hypothermia because you can’t carry a bonfire around with you. Even in modern settings, winter storms are no laughing matter.

@dapperbear I enjoy your questions because in answering them, I either get to remember something fun from a past game of mine, or I get to exercise my imagination and come up with something I might use in the future —that, and I’m just happy that my odd little pursuit might sometimes help someone else have a fun time with their friends.

Ask whatever questions you feel compelled to ask; If I have nothing to offer, it’s still interesting & inspiring to read other people’s answers.

Okay, here’s a bit of meta: do you enjoy the gaming questions I ask? Why/why not? What kind of questions would you like to see (if any)?

Re- for the influx of newbies: I’m the owner of Dapper Bear Publishing & design/sell my own RPGs. I mostly talk about general gaming stuff and post questions about what y’all do in your own games. (But I’m absolutely willing to give you my DriveThruRPG link if you want!)

@dapperbear I'd say let them try to get one of them, but make encounters that leave them dangerously close to death- but don't kill them- like having them get merely knocked out on 0hp and not calling for death saving throws, then have something warp them away from the scene (maybe the main villain?) to drive it home that They Aren't Ready For This Yet. I had to do something similar for my players awhile back.

@dapperbear We’ve usually kept it matter-of-fact but stay light on the details; e.g.:

After a death-defying adventure, a soldier-type makes it back to a guildhall in a large population center and asks for directions to a business that caters to her species. Once there, she gets to consider her “available options” while the proprietor serves her tea and goes over local etiquette. Then she “has a great time”, “learns something new”, “gets her coin’s worth”, etc... and that’s it.

@dapperbear as an asexual I've never allowed on screen sex or overly sexual dialogue, but I LOVE romance arcs be it PC/PC or PC/NPC, my homebrew campaign has a lot of the latter, and off screen sex where its mentioned that it happened but not actually described is fine by me.

@dapperbear I try and keep everything non-explicit cuz I don't want anyone to feel uncomfortable, but I love having PC/NPC romance in my games!

@dapperbear That sounds sensible. Generally sex scenes or including really explicit stuff at the gaming table sounds like a massive no-no, unless you're explicitly doing a campaign that people expect to have that sort of content in it and it's agreed between everyone (not just the involved players but everyone at the table) well in advance. Way too much potential for discomforting your players otherwise.

With Tumblr’s announcement comes a question for all you TTRPG GMs/players: do you ever include sex/sexual situations in your games and, if so, how do you handle it? I personally have allowed PC/NPC romance, with off-screen sex occurring, but nothing explicit.

I think I figured out how I’m going to handle my players’ lust for artifacts. When they break into the place that they think is the storeroom, they’ll encounter a minor elemental (fire or earth, haven’t decided which) that’s basically a security alarm. It should be enough to chase them off unless they’re suicidally stubborn/stupid, in which case I won’t feel bad about them dying.

So... I made the mistake of letting my players know that the Big Bad gets a lot of his powers from magic artifacts, which are very rare, and now their ONLY FOCUS is getting those artifacts. Note that they’re level 1-2. How do I smack them down without killing them?

Going to plug the Delta City masto roleplay instance again. Looks like a storm is brewing tomorrow and it’d be a perfect time for new players to pop up.


Question time!

Intra-party conflict. It happens sometimes. Assuming that the players aren’t being asses IRL, do you generally let it play out, negotiate, do PvP, what?


The Indie RPG Pipeline is a posting board to keep track of upcoming indie tabletop rpgs. When I see a new indie rpg released, going into crowdfunding or looking for playtesters, I post it here.

If you use RSS feeds, you can add the following subdivisions:
For New Releases
For Games in Crowdfunding
For Games looking for Playtesters

Plus, I got to play a Call of Cthulhu game that was loads of fun. Sure, my character got trapped on the Plane of Leng and eaten by demon spiders, but at least he didn't go crazy first. :P

MACE 2018 in Charlotte went really well! People had fun playing It Came From Somewhere Else at all three sessions. A conspiracy-theorist coot up against a psychic bear; a diner waitress, bookstore owner, and occult researcher versus a demon-cult; house-party goers fighting off a pack of werewolves... fun times all around!

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