The first page of my webcomic launches today at 5pm EST for patrons, and next monday for the public! I'm doing discounted BTS/Early access for anyone who pledges this week! You can snag this deal on my patreon!

Hey YOU!!! Yeah YOU!! Do you like having a say in what artists make?! What about clicking things on the internet? Breathing oxygen? Yeah? You should totally take this like less than 5 minute survey I made to tell me about behind-the-scenes content you wanna see come out of my comic.

It'll help me gather info on what I should spend my time making for the viewing pleasure of your eyeballs.

File backup mode engaged, plugging in all the drives to my laptop, which are named after various AI and computer things. Except for Lean Mean Storage Machine, that's the one being a bad child.

My friends on stream caused this meme. This woman isn't even named in this chapter they just decided the protag is after her because she ate his pizza rolls

I'm live streaming some Working on a commission, then probably working on adopts or comic pages! Though, if I have people hanging out I might do viewer requests too!

I did a "draw this in your style" finally, over on Tumblr! I've never done one before but I figured why the hell not. I'll have a process video up soon too.

Original OC & post:

Shameless plug: my commissions are open again!
I do of all sorts of different things, ranging from D&D characters, concept art, illustrations, and a lot of twitch art for streamers! I'm open to long projects as well!


Gesture drawing, nudity 

10-minute cooldown gesture drawing I just did before bed. Goodnight everyone!!! 🌠​

This shy kitter is finally becoming friends with me while my grandparents are on vacation! She is so dang soft and gentle.

I did a hecking overview of bones and character animation! It's real brief, and up for everybody!


Also God I messed up drawing this hand so badly.
PSA don't zoom in too much guys :thinkhappy:

Good morning everyone!!! Here is a pretty picture of the sunrise near me!

I made some art of the new starters! Scorbunny is cute!
If you use the icons, please just let me know!

Reposted b/c I was missing image descriptions, thanks for the reminder, @kirby ! :slime:

I managed to persuade my love into making Darkest Dungeon OCs that are a couple. It'll get really sad when they start fighting anti-delivian horrors and going insane but for now they're cute. Carter is a houndmaster from the Weald, and Ryleh is a vestal from a small town, travelling to earn money to help her ailing sister.

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