I released the first public demo of my RPG! Please feel free to take a look and try the game out for yourself if you're able! (Mac & Windows versions available, just ask if you need linux.) More deets in the replies!

This is primarily a choice based rpg, with a focus on how your choices afffect your party members. (Like darkest dungeon in a way, but less depressing) When you're not in an RP scenario, there are puzzles revolving around "Truesight" goggles, and input-based combat allows for your skill to shine through instead of relying on pure RNG.

Because I don't have the time/patience to make a whole bunch of fresh assets, this is a fantasy setting, though every once and a while there are weird machines, but that's a cross-dimensional thing. Oh yeah did I mention that there's dimensional travel in this?

Anywho, I'm open to any sort of feedback or questions about the world, I'm plenty happy to talk about the project if you want to know more!

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