WOW GUYS guess what

I get to actually do some game design now! :starry_eyes:


for about 2 hours.

@daisy_todd It wasn't as much fun as I thought it would be. I was very distracted the whole day, unfortunately. But I got to bang on it for a bit today though. I ended up changing my mind about how the cosmos is set up in this one, so the lore is very in-flux.


@voidspiral Lore is always good, it makes it easier to build things later on I find. But you'll always have some distracted days, so it's ok some days. ^^

@daisy_todd even working on games full time is not a bed of roses.

But at least they don't show hilarious old devry or whatever game school commercials with kids holding controllers backwards "making games" anymore

@voidspiral Oh yeah, I'm aware of that much.

The commercials...I did not know about those. This is...interesting to say the least. :thaenkin:

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