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Hey YOU!!! Yeah YOU!! Do you like having a say in what artists make?! What about clicking things on the internet? Breathing oxygen? Yeah? You should totally take this like less than 5 minute survey I made to tell me about behind-the-scenes content you wanna see come out of my comic.

It'll help me gather info on what I should spend my time making for the viewing pleasure of your eyeballs.

Hey do you want me to post more art? Or should I just like...migrate to a different instance for that? I always feel weird posting the stuff I make on the instance but it's my only one. Also I like you people and don't wanna leave

I should remember that I have a mastodon account whoops

Art, Nintendo OCs 

God, it's been a while.
I wish image descriptions were longer.

I was gonna add a fifth character at the top, but I made a couple different versions.

I'm probably gonna add that fifth character later, anyway.
#MastoArt #CreativeToots #OC #Art

Takeo Inuka | Akita spirit/human half breed | Taiko Drummer 🐶 🐶 🐶

I didnt think i'd attach myself tot his kid so quick... but hes a good boi okay. Is the #drawthisinyourstyle tag still alive? <:3c 💦 I'd love to see him interpreted by you talented folk!

#mastoart #oc #dog #inu

Next time you have a snack, eat something nourishing.

Ah yeah, last session was really good. We got to fight oozes. Also the baddie minion that we had spared totally rebelled against us.


It is a day!!! Time to finish more random art tasks.

i wanted to redesign the assassin gear from ragnarok online so its not just bandages wrapped on the body/clothes and this is how it turned out.

i added a pocket, some slim white potion holders and a few venom knives holsters as well.
#ragnarokonline #ro #mastoart

While planning for my big campaign during school, I realized I wasn't super interested in running tiefling feudal war low magic stuff, so I decided I'm revisting an old setting after the previous party kind of caused a major culture shift and the collapse of a corrupted mageocracy, which has been really fun to write for and decide how things have changed

So! I have a short comic called "Ham's Day" about a hammerhead shark named Hamuel who eats whatever he finds. Enjoy! #art #illustration #comics #shark #carpediem

PSA, RAICES Fundraiser 

Donate to #RAICES, get a ton of digital downloads from #comic and #digitalart creators. @Kamikaze has pitched in free download codes for Volumes 1 and 2! #mastoart #activisim

A desktop plesiosaurus might just take a dip in your morning coffee.* *not intended for use in coffee.

More at

#desktop #plesiosaurus #figurine #sculpted #ceramic #gold #mastoart

and thusly today on spelljammer...

-we doomed a civilization of supremacist elves
-sacrificed an innocent baker to spare a minion of the bad guy because they're extremely intelligent and valuable
-rescued the robot barista from that civilization we doomed
-our possum doesn't like the barista because their name is also a number
-stole a space motorcycle

period venting, II 

no that's OKAY just don't let me fall asleep til 1am with back pain that's just enough to prevent me from being comfy

its fiiiiine, you only need to stay up late today because its dnd night ;-;

curse lady problems

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