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I released the first public demo of my RPG! Please feel free to take a look and try the game out for yourself if you're able! (Mac & Windows versions available, just ask if you need linux.) More deets in the replies!

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Last semester I streamed some of me making art for this, and I finally decided to put the into a readable format online. If you're interested in a quick 10 page story about truth, then give it a read!

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Apparently the cats are too distasteful to be posted on other platforms!

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#Arttips no.01: Silhouette

One of the most important aspects of #design is the silhouette. It decides whether a design is memorable/recognizable or not. Think Darth V., Spongeb., the Enterprise, etc.

A good way to find unique silhouettes is randomized drawing. Here I used (discovered by @deerbard) to create shapes which I then turned into space ship sketches.

Which one is your favourite? Which one do you want to see finalised?

#MastoArt #CreativeToots #SciFi #art #SpaceShip

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holy fuck this session was fun. Players are great at introducing their new PC's and accidentally causing basically a tpk but it was ok because they work for death and death let the guy who caused it actually die, and told the others not to fuck up again otherwise they will actually die

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now i know what you're thinking: "would 2B's motion capture artist also cause me to utter the phrase 'oh, i'm gay' the same way 2B does?"

the answer is yes. Kaori Kawabuchi studied the blade with the sole intent of piercing your heart.

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Kazimir and alchykiller's Lozen, together again for the first time. He's not that small, she's just that big.

#dndcharacter #dnd #dungeonsanddragons #tiefling #monk #barbarian #mastoart #creativetoots

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i act like i only loved swords when i was ten but let's keep it the fuck 💯 i still love swords, they will always be cool.

General pricing is as follows:
-Head $5, -Part Body (Thighs up) $8, Full Body $10
-Head $10, -Part Body (Thighs up) $15, Full Body $20
-Flat Color-
-Head $20, -Part Body (Thighs up) $25, Full Body $30
-Head $35, -Part Body (Thighs up) $40, Full Body $45

-Misc. Info-
+$3-$10 depending on complexity
-Add another person for $5 extra
-Contact me via DM or email

Hey! Do you like having pretty things on your walls and screens? Is your wallet too full? Are you ignoring how empty your wallet is? Then I have a deal for you! My art commissions are open! I'm up for one-off illustrations, or large projects. My portfolio is right here:

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Quick warm up doodle that was looking a bit like my friend and then I leaned into it but then it stopped looking like her so eh

#mastoart #sketch

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Apparently all the cool kids are doing so uh here ig. My art style has changed so much over the past year.

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