Another character test, using the same process I did for drawing Bear. This time it's my own character idea though: a little spider knight adventurer =]
I like her a lot, I think I will name her Maskros.

Alright, all of my repairs on pieces of my sculpture worked, and I just have 2 pieces to finish, which involves cutting, filing, and painting, then it's done...for now, I'm going to relax by studying and writing my paper though since I still have 1 more afternoon for that sculpture.

Then two easy days of school that are just final critiques and presentations, then the picnic, and session -1 for our summer D&D group


time to be productive one more day.....just gotta finish cutting one piece, file it, and finish the painting on my sculpture, then write another 2-3 pages on my paper...

This is a small patch of #3d Bahia grass that I've released for free online under an #opensource #creativecommons license!

This is the first of a series of plants I am releasing in the world's first photometrically accurate online #Radiance model repository. With this, you can easily create grass in Radiance! This was not possible before!

This allows light simulationists to include plants, a vital part of our built environment.

#mastoart #creativetoots #art #blender

Question for DMs & Players!

I've been having an itch to run a genuinely spooky tabletop game, as like a one-off, but I'm not sure how to do it. Any surefire suggestions from the crowd?

I have spent several hours working on a sculpture. Yay! ✨​ It's still not done. 😣​

Time to have food and then work on writing a paper. Finals are great.


-write that heckin paper
-make that darn sculpture
-study that art history fam

For today's linguistic lesson, here's a refreshingly positive take on new ways language is using. (I'm not sure about the name "kidspeak" but I guess we can't have everything.)

And I learned that apparently "yeet" actually has a meaning and isn't just a noise people put in memes and stuff, which is the only way I'd seen it used so far. ;)


The mage school of persuasion through discussion and honest means.

Ah I should get to work

but the toot machine consumes my soul

also I need a shower I'm covered in sawdust

I've been considering to maybe start doing commissions from time to time. To test the idea my girlfriend commissioned me for a drawing of her rpg character, Bear. She will still need some final polish but it's been very fun so far.

For this one I expect to be paid in pancakes; I will still have to figure out what fair compensation would be in a non-culinary currency. (If you have thoughts I would love to hear)

I've commited not one, but three grave photoshop sins in the past twenty four hours

and now i must spread them like some kind of ring curse

also heckin twitch STILL hasn't gotten back to me about that hacked account

I missed my local timeline, it's nice that I finally figured out how to get back to it

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