Hey! I'm new to this instance and looking forward to getting to see and read up on everybody's tabletop adventures.

I'm mostly into pen and paper, skirmish scale war gaming, and eventually back to full scale war gaming too. I'm always happy to help if anybody has questions about my posts or is looking for general hobbyist advice. I'm no studio painter, but getting there is half the fun!

@d3lness Welcome to the table!

What kind of pen & paper do you do?

@Yoric Right now I'm running a Pathfinder 2e campaign and helping two friends tests their own systems. Pathfinder has be a blast to run so far. The whole system is super refreshing after being kinda let down by DnD5e.

@d3lness Ok, pretty far from what I'm doing :)

I'm running a Fate-based custom campaign of dreamlike magic and I'm starting up on Torg Eternity!

@d3lness I'd love to see some of your painting work, if you wouldn't mind sharing!

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