Time for another :

So hi everyone, I've been posting related stuff over on dice.camp and on reddit for quite a while now, decided to move here with a brandnew handle, yay.

I'm GMing a face to face campaign of original in (germany) for almost three years now, interested in all things , but there's also quite a bit of and on my bookshelf 😉

husband, father, family physician and boats enthusiast when not gaming.

Shitpost, photoshop, geese 

This is the same figure as I posted earlier, but for that six part commission. It's painted almost identically except for those goggles I was complaining about. If you notice, I was able to just paint them as hair without any extra modifications. Second image is reposted for comparison.

Does anybody have any suggestions for models that tiptoe the line between cheap and passable quality for RPGs? Are Wizkids models just the best bang for my buck in general?

I forgot to post stuff for ! A fairly relaxing model to paint, but boy howdy was it a bad model to clean up. Wizkids claims that this series of minis are ready to paint out of the box. Spoilers: They really aren't. I had 3 weapons grade seams I had to clean up on a heavily textured model AND a giant gap on the back left arm that I actually needed to Green Stuff up and sculpt. Other than that, I think the red on the fur helped break up the flat brown.

Masking is my personal hell. Got a bit on the bases, but it's fine. Looking forward to painting these now that the masking and priming is done.

Almost done with boring humans for a while. Standard rogue with a hand made base. Nothing exceedingly fancy. The road itself is a quick and dirty sculpt from Green Stuff and the debris is just a few chipped rocks. I have to say that I'm less than pleased with the goggles the model has sculpted. The details are super shallow and are overall too small to really add to the figure.

Power was restored and I can use lights and see things! This guy was to try out a new make-up brush for dry brushing. Generic blue wizard guy, but it was still fun.

Had a tooth pulled earlier this week so I had a hard time focusing on minis. I'm mostly fine now, but the power went out so I don't have any good light sources. Painting outside is out of the question because of the wind and debris. Somebody wake me up when this week is done being dumb.

Done before midnight so this is still totally ! Nothing fancy here. Using this guy to get a better feel for highlighting before inking. I don't have access to my light box right now so forgive the crapper photos.

This is a week of firsts. Since it's , I had no good excuse to not try something new. Decided to finally bit the bullet and give OSL a go with inks. The transition from light to dark could be smoother, but I'm fairly happy with it.

Up to three of six for the commission list. Not extremely happy with this one because of some really weird and misaligned sculpt details. I understand that a bad carpenter always blames good tools, but this model was just bizarre. Hand on the magic effect is misaligned. I had a hard time trying to figure out exactly what they were going for here. Finding mould lines is a pain due to their priming. Just means I need to to better on the next figure!

Second gobbo from the six piece commission. Decided to go with a darker looking goblin to contrast the super shiney guy I just finished. Sadly, the customer only wanted one fancy base. Every base is going to be the stock popsicle from here on out.

It's finally happening! New content that isn't a repost from my other account! First of 6 minis from a recent commission. This guy was a blast and also a massive pain in the backside. Ever wonder what a goblin thinks success looks like? Well, my guess is gaudy as can be because shiney means wealth.

Looks like Battlefoam is doubling down. They Even added a "muh historical accuracy" blurb. You don't need to make these, Battlefoam. This is actively choosing to rep Nazis.


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