Hey everybody!

Just a little while longer until draws to a close. Hopefully we've all been having a good time and learning a few new things along the way. :)

Just remember to post whatever you have by the 31st. Even if it's not done, having something to show doesn't just help you. Others benefit from whatever insight you gained during the process regardless of completion.

Hope to see you all at the end of the month!

Boy howdy, I've been gone for a while and now I have a bunch of catching up to do. I missed keeping up on everybody's tabletop shenanigans. Looking forward to seeing all the stuff you have all been working on!

The themes for challenge being: "Adventurous, Cold & Retro" I'm looking at some old that I could use. The cute green frog, I found it in the street a few years back. I'm still pretty sure I can transform it into a convincing Ice Toad, and that constitutes indeed a "Tabletop challenge".

(2) It most likely cannot quite be seen on that pic, as it is rather subtle (and hard to photograph) but I tried to physically recreate what was an involuntary photograph effect in a previous post (tabletop.social/@Archiviste_Dr): a tint of red over grey at the back of the base, a tint of green at the front.
It's not really a "false light" effect, but that makes the base way more pleasing than if it was just grey.
You might want to try it sometimes.

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For , a pic of the I gathered a few days ago, wondering where I stopped with their recruitment as a possible warband for . Mostly 2.0 minis with one shaman and an black orc from GW. Looks like I have more than what I need... if I want to actually play Frostgrave.

Alright, venting time. I have been so stuck with miniatures right now. I feel like I don't have any models I want to paint, any terrain I want to work on, or even Gundams I want to assemble. I have a a perfect grade Red Astray that's completed from the waist down and no motivation to work on it. I think the model is gorgeous and it's my favorite model aside from the Blue Astray line. It's not like I don't like what I have. Lacking inspiration sucks. Maybe some whiskey will help. 🙃

2/2 Done WIP pics below. The main parts used were a takeout sushi tray, two drink cans, some straws, and a cardboard bottom.

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Finally had the creative juices to finish up a small project for ! Just a small piece of terrain for . It was my first piece, but definitely not my last on account of how much fun it was. Model for scale (obviously). 1/2

Hello everybody!

I hope we're all ready for the first challenge!

The themes for are: Adventurous, Cold, and Retro.

Keep in mind, these tags are completely open to interpretation. Apply them as literally or figuratively as you see fit. The goal is to finish it by the end of month. Even if you don't finish in time, don't be afraid to post what you have. Even an in progress piece of work can be educational to the community!

Phew, I'm done with my competition entry for our new GW store. Fairly happy with how it turned out and since I can't keep it I put some extra efforts into taking some pictures. Tried using two light-sources and a black backdrop (it's a shirt, the print kinda shows through) for the first time as well as open camera - great app!

Finally started with some of the Space Hulk Terminators that barely left their box since I bought them on release. Scratched most of the Blood Angels insignia off, added some new and then based them (always my favourite part!). Can't wait to have them painted and field them in .

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