There only exists one question in forums about and that question is: I'm in a relationship where one of us isn't polyamorous, what now?

Almost like people need to take some responsibility over who they choose to initiate a relationship with...

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@corvidae yeah maybe I'm just a weirdo, but I'm always a fan of just incidental civilian shit in sci-fi settings, especially when there's some larger attention-grabbing conflict going down.
Like you got a galactic scale war goin on and all these people are wearing brightly-colored uniforms? WHERE DO YOU GET THAT MUCH CLOTHING DYE? who's making it? how are you transporting it? are you using longstanding infrastructure or is it an ad-hoc thing? etc.

Something I generally miss in source books for s is just general information about how the world works. Especially sci-fi games.

I want information about how gravity (and gravity projectors or similar tech works), I want information on how quickly a space ship decompresses outside of atmospheres, I want to know how severe a hole in my spacesuit is, or how dangerous it is to travel through an astroid-belt.
For me, all these things are really important for the genre of sci-fi.

uspol, antifa 

Anyone, with the right to vote in the US, not doing what they can to vote Trump out of office this year is either malicious or severely ill-informed.

Anti-fascism needs to include harm reduction or it's just, in the best case, spoiled brats running around throwing molotovs while screaming about a revolution.
A revolution that won't ever happen because nobody develops class-consciousness through having the things they care about being destroyed by self proclaimed revolutionaries.

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@corvidae I try to set up encounters so that either the players or the opposition are trying to achieve something specific to keep them moving so it doesnt devolve into just 'i shoot, they shoot, i shoot etc.'

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NO ONE wants a late term abortion. NO ONE! You only will EVER do this for medical tragedies. Anything later than 24 weeks is a medical tragedy not something you wanted. Its illegal to have one after that point for any other reason. #AbortionIsMurder #abortionrights #RoevWade

To be fair, the traditional way of doing fights in sucks pretty hard.

Attack/Defend/HP is just a horrible system for fights and only end up either being skipped (in favour of actual roleplaying) or takes up too much time with missed/blocked strikes and the slow whittling away of HP.

If your character is fighting it needs to push the story forward, that goes for both the fight itself and every action within the fight.


People saying that biden is as bad as trump or that voting doesn't matter is participating in a voter surpression campaign even if they aren't part of a Russian troll farm.

Collective action does not have to be explicitly coordinated to be a real threat to democracy.

I've recently gotten stuck on the aesthetics of Hardspace: Shipbreaker. I just really want a in a similiar world.

The biggest issue I have with coming up with the basics of the rpg system is how to emulate the loneliness while still playing in groups of people who need regular challenges. It will be kind of boring if all challenges becomes "how will the ship/station you are on break today!?"

I wish the internet adopted a version of english with stricter grammar so that it was easier to generate content in English...

Owls are basically the cats of the bird world... Main difference is that cats are parasitic while owls are loners 😜

In my experience the death of player characters are wildly under appreciated within .

Partly it's, obviously, because there are asshole GMs who do it really badly. But sometimes the best character development is a fitting death and I think more gamers should remember that.

My biggest problem in as a GM is that I tend to pull in too many actors* in conflicts besides the players... I'm definitely not good enough to deliver on it.

*By actor I mean npcs that have agendas and value to the story beyond being obstacles.

Funny looking at the last thing I wrote on here... was going to start up my campaign.
An update on that: It didn't last very long until life got in the way.

Another update: I've started up a new one now... the crew is called "The Postal Service" and I think it's going to be awesome!

Trying out this whole thing again! I want to see toots about and !

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Hello! I'm Sofie, I happened to stumble across mastodon on tumblr and decided to give it a go, I draw a lot so I might post some of it.
I hope we all can have a great experience on here together :D

Writing prompt:
It's not that humans started to become dumber, it's that consciousness itself was a detrimental trait as the artificial minds started taking over control of everything from media to production and inventions.

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Programming was so much less frustrating back in the 90s when what I wanted to do was just impossible.

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@corvidae Game-wise, any system that requires material ingredients for simple/basic spells. *NOBODY* ever bothers to track them because it’s such a pain in the ass, so why bother having it in the first place.

Now, material components for major spells/rituals? That I can get behind, if for nothing else than to indicate the significance of the spell. Plus, if the ingredients are rare enough, you have a side quest right there.

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