HI EVERYONE!!!!!!!!! sorry ive been gone, but i hope youve been having a good week and i hope u had a wonderful xmas! i love you a bunchies and im here to remind u to take ur meds and drink some water if u havent yet today! i believe in you and u should believe in urself too! ur doing so great! i love u <3

HEYOOO EVERYONEEEE!!!!!!! reminder to take your meds and drink sum water today! its good for u! also congrats if you survived finals week ;_; i know it was frustrating so make sure to take a break, you deserve it ! <3

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@confetticult I just survived mine! ^^ All I have today are some final critiques and getting my work back. (ah, art school finals~)

if youd like to follow my tumblr, its @sharksteeths

HIIIIIII EVERYONE!! reminder to take your meds and drink some water today! its very very good for you!! you're all doing so amazing and i love you! please take care of yourselfs especially since finals week is around the corner <3

going to take a shower but afterwards ill draw someone from voltron. season 8 is two days away!

i need to clean my room but ive been feeling so unproductive and lazy these days T_T what do i doooo the seasonal depression is kicking my asssss

HI EVERYONE reminder to take ur meds and drink some water today! ur doing so amazing i love u

i literally just joined this site yesterday and i still find it adorable and funny how yall call ur mutuals on here tootuals

ex friend: - coming back to start more drama and send more death threats-


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smash that boost button if you think being haunted is... kinda hot

HELLO i hope u all have taken your meds / drank water today! how has your day been!?

ate an apple for the first time ever! it was okay! i liked how sweet it was but i kinda felt like a horse eating it

my mom doesnt feed me so i made a family size serving of mashed potatoes. fuck hungry lives

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