Next up... Birds, bears, and giraffes! Oh my. More specifically, Bird Boss, Bears Hugs, and Giraffable

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@BeardedRogue I know you couldn't make it so here's some folks playing your game!

@afrozenpeach yeah, I'm no ruby fan, but it's 100x better than nandeck in that it's an actual language

@theonetar so cool seeing this make the rounds! My team at NYT made this. 🙂

@host @thorgrit I'm personally curious about being in the list

Just posted my November newsletter update! Check it out


@zhoekstra oh no it's only been a few minutes and I've already devolved to fart jokes

I set up this account back in 2018 and then forgot about it. I was reminded so... Hey! I'm back!

Figured I should share a picture of Penny Dragons play testing from this weekend. The rewards for winning a battle are a bit wonky right now, but the AI dragon is working quite well.

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For you boardgamers/rpgers, wanted to let you know about PaxUnplugged, a great board game con in Philly at the beginning of December. This is the second year they are hosting it and it was a cool vibe last year.

Check it out!



@tabletopglory Hello! It went well. I ran a tournament and had a decent showing for it being an unpublished game. Got some good feedback on the game itself and the box art from the publisher.

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