@PhilGross not offhand. Will have to reach out to some of the satisfied customers. Plenty of details on the homepage, of course =)

TabletopPublishers.com notes:
* It's all updated for PAX Unplugged - sort / search / filter by the con as you like.
* The backend now runs on the same server as the website, and not on a third-party service. New tech on the back end means a faster / stabler service that's better set up for the long term.

(ICYMI: If you're a game designer trying to pitch your games to publishers, this service is here to help you pitch your games better. Think 'sniper', not 'shotgun'. See tabletoppublishers.com.

@Raddu yeah TBH that sounds exhausting. I can appreciate having the ability to have multiple identities, but I'm currently trying to coalesce / redirect everything to one. I need another social media platform like I need another hole in my head, but I see this as replacing Twitter. Still third fiddle behind Facebook and lurking on Reddit.

Great real world last night - printed off the first version of Carolina (a poker-like game more about outwitting than bluffing) and Taco (gateway card game about drafting ingredients and making tacos). Great to finally get to some new games =)

@Raddu sorry, I might have misunderstood. I think I can search, say, 'dice.camp' and see a bunch of people / toots that come up in the search. I do not think you can view another server in the same way...and I think this is probably the biggest structural weakness of Mastodon - you want to feel like you're in all the groups...

@Raddu you can, it's just done through a pop-up window. You may need to copy/paste your handle in the other server so they shake hands and play nice, but you can follow and respond to anyone on other servers.

I'm making a list of potential reviewers for a game we've recently Kickstarted (with 2,000+ backers!). Naturally, many of them are in English, but the translators and I worked hard to ensure there would be a ton of languages available: Chinese, Croatian, Czech, Danish, Dutch, French, German, Greek, Hebrew, Hindi, Hungarian, Indonesian, Italian, Polish, Portuguese, Spanish, and Swedish.

If you review in one of these languages, I'd love to send you a game. See noboxgames.com/spies for details =)

@BrentNewhall unsheath sword, take off backpack, and start doing a Sun Salutation (yoga sequence). Hopefully they think I'm praying to it.

First tweets are... wait, *tweets*? *Posts*? Ahh, 'toots'. Yeah, not gonna use toots, sorry.

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