re: disney's beauty and the beast 

@cantinto @Garrison imo the live action film kinda sucked but to each their own

:d20:​ Looking for ideas for a broken, cheesy, pvp character build :dnd:

The more ridiculous the better.

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etsy new ad policy opinion 

Successful Person Says "Don't Use Etsy, Just Be Successful Without Any Help Somehow"

under etsy's new ad policy, my shop will get unlimited publicity without me having to outlay any money unless i make sales.

under the old policy, i made 1 sale from ads out of 112 clickthroughs that i paid for.

this is not bad for me, a small etsy seller, it's only bad for people who are already successful.

@Canageek New but related characters could provide an opportunity to optimise your builds and also to retune your backstories to tell new stories and RP new personalities while still keeping items as heirlooms.

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the best way to get people to make balanced homebrew is to provide a robust library of content to base their homebrew off of, not to provide a strict numerical toolkit to mix and match.

re: Just to be safe: presenting merchandise products 

@AlinaTheHedgehog Could you imagine if they hadn't changed the design for the film and tried to make people buy plushies of the original design?

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re: uspol, lojban, conlang b*llsh*t 

@kinsey Have you looked into Toki Pona? It's a really really minimalistic approach to the whole auxlang thing. While it's unlikely to allow complex communication, it might be interesting to see if it actually could help people who don't speak the same language communicate to a certain degree.

uspol, lojban 

@kinsey According to Buttigieg stans, that should qualify you to run for president!

How is Lojban tho, is it usable?

@anahata Aren't handy haversacks worse than bags of holding, at least in DND 5e? I'm not sure about Pathfinder or DND 3.5e

@Spacegeneral Bookmarks are a thing now!

IDK how they work but they exist!

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