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The joys of being asked to take a raincheck for session 0.

Saturday morning dungeon crawling with my kid. I generated a dungeon with and plopped it onto a OneNote page, which I opened with Microsoft Surface.

We're just using a single d20 roll to decide what happens. (Him: "my wizard casts a spell that shows me which door is the safest", Me: "mmm that's a hard spell, you have to roll 17 or more").

We also use a d10 to count how many allowed "cheats" he has left.

There are thousands of miniature painting tutorials out there. But I like this one because it actually makes it feel very straightforward.

During the pandemic I've basically grown into being the nerd I'd always wanted to be 🤷‍♂️

Today I concluded my first ever DnD campaign AND the first DnD campaign I ever DM'ed. I learned so much! And, if all goes well, next Wednesday is going to be Session 0 with the NEXT group that I'm going to be DMing (on the exact same campaign, but with the benefit of all the things I learned).

A little experiment that I will call succesful: start with white primer and just directly coat with nuln oil. What a stunning difference! Can't wait to get on with painting them properly, but now I think it will be even l more forgiving.

I guess that's the premise of Citadel contrast paints.

Next I should experiment with making my own washes :cursed_eyebrows:

My kid decided again to make up his own wargame (based on d10 rolls apparently). I had to leave half way to go cook dinner though but when I came back I found out my guys were apparently annihilated by the "spell of dumb" :think_smirk:

The start of my human Oathmark army, the first of my Victrix Vikings!

He will also be a levy javelin thrower for a SAGA viking band. In Oathmark he will be a spearman.

It's the first time I've ever primed a mini with brush-on paint as opposed to spraying.

I finished painting my Zarbag's Gitz and I think I've decided I don't really enjoy painting grots 🤔

Coop made up pirate game with an old Atlas and pieces from Catan Junior against my kid's stuffed animals. My kid is changing the rules every 5 seconds and I'm developing a bit of a headache. But it looks nice.

Tonight is the final encounter of the DnD campaign (Dragon of Icespire Peak, from the Essentials Kit) I've been DMing since the summer.

I plan to propose to the players to keep going with one of the expansions but still it's a milestone!

My Victrix Vikings are finally here!!! Winter quarantine is saved!!! I'm building a SAGA/Oathmark army!

Calling the game quits for now because that was all the attention span I could get out of him, lol!

End of round 2. I think I know where the messenger is...

Oh no! I tried to activate the chaotic beast giant guy but I rolled a 1, so my opponent got to do it instead! I just got super crushed!! 😭

Warcry Saturday! My kid has a messenger somewhere in there but I don't know who it is. There is also a chaotic beast apex predator twist. We ran into a giant!

End of round 1.

(PS. He wanted you to see his cool PJ Masks watch)

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