I painted the Ettin from the Temple of Elemental Evil box. It's the biggest mini I've ever painted and the first one where I tried to do eyes. I am not super happy with the skin tone to be honest. I need to think of something better for my Ogroid Myrmidon (the next big mini on my todo list).

This Saturday we are playing Talisman with an almost whatever-the-kid-wants ruleset.

The dwarves apparently decided to take a break from adventuring and roast marshmallows and read Where the Wild Things Are by the fire. They also found a blink dog.

Saturday morning! A band of dwarves is a exploring the ruins of the haunted house. The rules are whatever my kid decides on the fly.

I'm getting spoiled this weekend, even managed to play a game of Ravenfeast with my kid!

Saturday morning Warcry again :) This time the mission was The Raid: destroy 3 objectives.

In the first photo, the Gloomspite Gits are fighting hard to save an objective (the statue of the Heroquest wizard).

In the second photo, the Heart-Eater, peppered with shootaz' arrows, but still breathing reaches the 3rd objective to win the game!

Humans/Vikings army progress.

I am trying something potentially stupid: using spackle in the bases.

I do plan to also add some dirt as topsoil and grass tufts but I have no idea if the spackle will hold.

After two weeks without minis, here we go again for Saturday morning Warcry with my kid. This time we're playing with the Lonesome Road rules for solo gaming so we can be on the same team.

In the photo you can also see Foxy, my kid's stuffed animal 🦊 who is helping us out.

Saturday morning dungeon crawling with my kid. I generated a dungeon with donjon.bin.sh/fantasy/dungeon/ and plopped it onto a OneNote page, which I opened with Microsoft Surface.

We're just using a single d20 roll to decide what happens. (Him: "my wizard casts a spell that shows me which door is the safest", Me: "mmm that's a hard spell, you have to roll 17 or more").

We also use a d10 to count how many allowed "cheats" he has left.

A little experiment that I will call succesful: start with white primer and just directly coat with nuln oil. What a stunning difference! Can't wait to get on with painting them properly, but now I think it will be even l more forgiving.

I guess that's the premise of Citadel contrast paints.

Next I should experiment with making my own washes :cursed_eyebrows:

My kid decided again to make up his own wargame (based on d10 rolls apparently). I had to leave half way to go cook dinner though but when I came back I found out my guys were apparently annihilated by the "spell of dumb" :think_smirk:

The start of my human Oathmark army, the first of my Victrix Vikings!

He will also be a levy javelin thrower for a SAGA viking band. In Oathmark he will be a spearman.

It's the first time I've ever primed a mini with brush-on paint as opposed to spraying.

I finished painting my Zarbag's Gitz and I think I've decided I don't really enjoy painting grots 🤔

Coop made up pirate game with an old Atlas and pieces from Catan Junior against my kid's stuffed animals. My kid is changing the rules every 5 seconds and I'm developing a bit of a headache. But it looks nice.

End of round 2. I think I know where the messenger is...

Oh no! I tried to activate the chaotic beast giant guy but I rolled a 1, so my opponent got to do it instead! I just got super crushed!! 😭

Warcry Saturday! My kid has a messenger somewhere in there but I don't know who it is. There is also a chaotic beast apex predator twist. We ran into a giant!

End of round 1.

(PS. He wanted you to see his cool PJ Masks watch)

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