Humans/Vikings army progress.

I am trying something potentially stupid: using spackle in the bases.

I do plan to also add some dirt as topsoil and grass tufts but I have no idea if the spackle will hold.


Current army composition:

* 12 guys with spears (1 point of SAGA levies, one unit of Oathmark spearmen)
* 10 guys with armour OR helmets, and axes (1 point of SAGA warriors, one unit of Oathmark soldiers)
* 5 guys with armour AND helmets, and swords (1 point of SAGA hearthguard, one small unit of Oathmark warriors)
* 2 spellcasters (for Oathmark)

That's 27 Victrix Vikings minis +2 from WizKids. I have 33 more Victrix Vikings to go.

My aim is to first complete a 6 points SAGA band.

Clarification. In SAGA:
* 1 point of levies is 12 minis
* 1 point of warriors is 8 minis
* 1 point of hearthguard is 4 minis

I'm adding extra minis to make Oathmark units. In Oathmark, units are formed in ranks of 5 guys.

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