Hi folks! Here is my

I've been into the tabletop war gaming hobby a year now but I'd always wanted to get more into it ever since I was a kid (so I've wanted this for 30 years)!

I paint and play Warcry, AoS, SoBH, Frostgrave, HeroQuest, DnD, and ...Hero Kids! I'm very interested in SAGA and I'm super excited for Ravenfeast. I also dabble in terrain building.

I've been looking for a place to post the progress of my projects and get inspired. Super excited to be here! Yay!

@carceri Welcome! I'm looking forward to seeing some of your painting work!

@carceri i'm playing a frostgrave campaign right now over tabletop sim and i love it so much! i allegedly paint minis as well although it's been a while since i broke out the tiny paints

@ebeth well met! I haven't ever used a tabletop simulator. Can you point me to the one you use, please?

@carceri oh it's literally called tabletop simulator!

it works pretty well, the controls definitely take some getting used to but there are some good terrain/miniature packs out there you can add

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