Calling the game quits for now because that was all the attention span I could get out of him, lol!

End of round 2. I think I know where the messenger is...

Oh no! I tried to activate the chaotic beast giant guy but I rolled a 1, so my opponent got to do it instead! I just got super crushed!! 😭

Warcry Saturday! My kid has a messenger somewhere in there but I don't know who it is. There is also a chaotic beast apex predator twist. We ran into a giant!

End of round 1.

(PS. He wanted you to see his cool PJ Masks watch)

I am getting antsy about my Victrix Vikings not having arrived yet in the mail. Of course, they are coming to Canada with regular mail from the UK and estimated delivery was 01/11-02/11 and it's only 01/19 and there is a global pandemic going on. But I want my toooooys 😭😏

Big showdown at the end of the adventure! My Wizard is down to 2 body points! The dwarf is trying to save him by attacking the ork!!

I am about to ambush the Evil Wizard Sequire! The Barbarian used "Pass Through Rock" to sneak directly into the Sequire's treasure room and will attack from behind while the other three guys will attack from the front to distract the evil wizard.

My kid is being the DM for our Heroquest adventure that he came up with by himself. The adventure is called "The Gem of Greystone and the Jail of Weakness".

In case you are curious, the Air Elemental was indeed defeated.

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Lol, I could not have scripted this! The next Encounter was called Cultist Gathering which forced the appearance of Air Cultists in particular. This is just too good :crossbow:

After slaying one more Air Cultist, Alaeros looks down the next dark corridor and gasps in horror as he faces a whirling cloud of elemental fury. The fanatics of the Howling Hatred have many allies indeed... "Talon! Nymestra!", he yells, "Brace yourselves!".

I used the DnD Dungeon Master's Guide directions to make a random dungeon. My kid liked it when we explored it on the Surface :)

And then I took a shower and came up with a world based on a Mongol-Roman inspired nomad-hypercivilized human Empire in the middle that is splitting in two halfs after a long crisis. The west is rich and established so looks set to survive but the East might collapse any time. There are Orc frenemies on the west, dwarf migrations destabilize the east, trader elves in the south. Finally: human viking/cossack renegades in the swamplands and rivers between the western empire and its orcish allies.

Maybe my orcs should have PERKELE as their war cry? Lol!

All too often in fantasy "eastern" gets mapped to "orc/goblin".

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Note to self: one thing that I will have to carefully manage is any potential racist undertones, when choosing races and real world inspirations.

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