I painted the Ettin from the Temple of Elemental Evil box. It's the biggest mini I've ever painted and the first one where I tried to do eyes. I am not super happy with the skin tone to be honest. I need to think of something better for my Ogroid Myrmidon (the next big mini on my todo list).

I just realized that Talisman has enough minis to put together a Frostgrave band 🤔

This Saturday we are playing Talisman with an almost whatever-the-kid-wants ruleset.

They are giving away the core Hero Kids book for free:


An excellent TTRPG to play with children, can't recommend enough.

The dwarves apparently decided to take a break from adventuring and roast marshmallows and read Where the Wild Things Are by the fire. They also found a blink dog.

Saturday morning! A band of dwarves is a exploring the ruins of the haunted house. The rules are whatever my kid decides on the fly.

I'm getting spoiled this weekend, even managed to play a game of Ravenfeast with my kid!

Saturday morning Warcry again :) This time the mission was The Raid: destroy 3 objectives.

In the first photo, the Gloomspite Gits are fighting hard to save an objective (the statue of the Heroquest wizard).

In the second photo, the Heart-Eater, peppered with shootaz' arrows, but still breathing reaches the 3rd objective to win the game!

"Gardens of Hecate is a tabletop miniature painting studio specialized in producing heavily customized gaming and display pieces in a distinctive macabre style. The miniatures are created by Ana Polanšćak of Zagreb, Croatia."


Clarification. In SAGA:
* 1 point of levies is 12 minis
* 1 point of warriors is 8 minis
* 1 point of hearthguard is 4 minis

I'm adding extra minis to make Oathmark units. In Oathmark, units are formed in ranks of 5 guys.

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Current army composition:

* 12 guys with spears (1 point of SAGA levies, one unit of Oathmark spearmen)
* 10 guys with armour OR helmets, and axes (1 point of SAGA warriors, one unit of Oathmark soldiers)
* 5 guys with armour AND helmets, and swords (1 point of SAGA hearthguard, one small unit of Oathmark warriors)
* 2 spellcasters (for Oathmark)

That's 27 Victrix Vikings minis +2 from WizKids. I have 33 more Victrix Vikings to go.

My aim is to first complete a 6 points SAGA band.

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Humans/Vikings army progress.

I am trying something potentially stupid: using spackle in the bases.

I do plan to also add some dirt as topsoil and grass tufts but I have no idea if the spackle will hold.

Looking at non-GW games and minis at this point gives me a little bit of the same feeling I was getting 20 years ago with free software.

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With Age of Sigmar, GW are trying to reinvent fantasy wargaming by coming up with their own tropes etc. This is super interesting and creative. But I also want to be able to just have, you know, regular elves and dwarves.

In fact, I think they are doing a standard capitalist tactic: differentiate from generic products so your clients will have to use your stuff.

I am in a bit of a hobby money dilemma. I have saved up 70$ towards getting the new Warhammer Quest box. With my current rate of savings, if it is between 200-300$ I should be able to get it by the summer.

But I also realized that my Oathmark humans/SAGA vikings army doesn't have any archers. And I could just get some for something like 35$.

It would undercut my savings but it would complete my army... Maybe even allow me to also repurpose for Frostgrave as well...

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This is really cool!
"The fan made, free magazine which celebrates the Golden Age of the hobby for us oldies out there."

After two weeks without minis, here we go again for Saturday morning Warcry with my kid. This time we're playing with the Lonesome Road rules for solo gaming so we can be on the same team.

In the photo you can also see Foxy, my kid's stuffed animal 🦊 who is helping us out.

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