It's finally happening! We might get photos of a black hole soon!

(Also, tons of cool photos and videos in this article)

uggghh the gendered armor design differences in MH have always pissed me off and are like, honestly one of the worst aspects of the whole series, but this one especially pisses me off because LET GIRLS BE FURRIES!!!

hbomb discourse 

okay my final take on this is that saying" hbomberguy is profiting from trans oppression" is a fearmongery summary of whats actually appearing to happen which is that he is profiting from his fundraiser which was meant to be for trans health. which i dont think makes him a monster, but i do see as disingenuous and can see why people are upset about it. anyone saying "capitalism exists" to handwave it is kind of being shitty about the situation tho so maybe dont.

here's what you need to know:

1. You can kick shit, hard

as you can see, the injection point isnt that far in. obligatory reminder to not let your pets free roam, its not just cars and coyotes that are a danger to them. we theorized that my cat who got out accidentally a few years ago probably died eating some kind of weed killer that was placed on the grass, humans make nature pretty volatile for the wildlife around them.

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I only have $145 out of my $1,000 goal, and I need to reach this goal before 12:00 PM EST today! Please help me out! If I cannot reach my goal, and the hospital my father is taking me to doesn't take me in, then he WILL put me in a homeless shelter until I can return to the housing program I am in. So please DONATE and/or SHARE!

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My new razor I bought has a little friend hidden under a flap on the packaging.

"If fighting is sure to result in victory, then you must fight." - Sun Tzu, inventor and subsequent perfector of fighting

This tree is named Hyperion. Standing at a height of 115.61 metres, it is Earth's tallest known living tree.

Hyperion is a coast redwood (sequoia sempervirens) and it lives somewhere in Redwood National Park in California. The exact location is remote, and is being kept secret to avoid any potential ecological damage or vandalism which too many visitors might bring.

homophibia, nintendo 

reminder: nintendo released "tomodachi life", a life simulation game, and specifically avoided allowing same-sex marriage or even love. when a bug was found that allowed male characters to enter romantic relationships, they patched it out.

please open if you are from 

a weird glitch has happenned and I've been forced to unfollow everyone from

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Worst Game of 2018 - Detroit: Become Human 

What an awful game. David Cage sinks to new depths every time and now also revealed the garbage human he is with how he treats his workers. The game asks questions that don’t mean anything and speaks loudly about issues saying nothing. Co-opting civil rights movements and belittling them. Worthless. Here's my long ass thread where I watched an LP of it and get increasingly mad

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Biggest Disappointment of 2018 - Fallout 76 

This one isn’t disappointing because I thought it would be good. Everyone knew this was going to suck. I’m just disappointed in what this franchise has become. This series used to be about a world that lives and changes. Now its reduced to “hey being an asshole is cool, hey caps are cool!” Interesting stories and engaging characters are tossed aside draining the setting of all identity.

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