GOTO 10 : REM go directly to 10, do not gosub 230, do not let x=x+1

Someone recommended the SimEarth manual as noteworthy and I was like “oh, sure, it’ll just have some basic biology fluff” and instead it immediately slams you with “IN ORDER TO HAVE A HOLISTIC UNDERSTANDING OF OUR BIOSPHERE, YOU MUST FIRST UNDERSTAND THE LIVING GODDESS EARTH”

According to The Dragon #31 this dragon, painted by Steve Brown, won the Dragontooth Dragon Painting Contest sponsored by Tom Loback Artworks at Gencon XII.

Wow, miniature painting has really advanced as an art form.

can't believe I have to say this every year, but it's halloween this month, please tag/cw any posts that have blood/gore or any of that other gross stuff, same goes for profile images. ta

@Canageek Those people just keep getting photobombed by curious dragons!

… I think some careless adventurers must be feeding them!

Ah yes, the best dragon's ever drawn, the Dragonlance dragons.

@chr thought you might enjoy seeing this one.

Also VERY important adventures. Kind of like Nirvana: They aren't actually very good, but they revitalized D&D and let people know it could be more then just a small-scale wargame.

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