Ken and Robin Talk About Stuff released a compilation of their Horror 101 segments as an "Audiobook". I listened to this on its first go-around:

These are all bout horror films. Perfect for the Halloween season!

Learn more at

I’m buying too many 1-page dungeons and system-less idea-prompt pamphlets because they look so pretty and have random tables, even though I’ll most likely never use them, please send help

'Hidden Ancients' by Daren Bader Ø 1998-10-12

The only alert the invaders had was the rustling of leaves on a day without wind.

the Nazi "TSR" thing 

Update: the link to the lawpod audio is up, though the transcript always lags.

The non-lawyer host had never played D&D (though he's a huge MtG player) so the lawyer host had to scrap his first idea for the pod title: "Lawful Neutral."

(I think "Opening Arguments" is a bad title because it is a funny joke to lawyers (apparently) because it's a thing everyone gets wrong (opening *statement*/closing *arguments*) but it just cements the error IMHO.)

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the Nazi "TSR" thing (law podcast) is doing an episode on the Wizards/"TSR" lawsuit and I mean I had seen all the snippets of the garbage in it but it's a LOT when it's all in one place, whew.

(Also it's stunningly amateurish, good job master race.)

I've had this open in my browser for years, and am finally admitting I'm not going to read it; But if YOU need some incredibly detailed descriptions of occult locations in London in any time period, this can probably help you:

Has anyone actually read House of Leaves? I've heard so much about how good it is but honestly I've bounced off it like 3 times, it just feels like a homework assignment to read...

Does it get easier/more worthwhile after the first third? Or this one of those 'says something cool and cool it exists but dont recommend actually experiencing it' things?

Free Steam Keys if someone wants them?
I have some games from the humble bundle I'm not interested in but could be expensive otherwise. Only one code per person so I can spread the love:

XCOM Classics (all the old xcom games)

Duke Nukem Forever +dlcs

Mafia Definitive Edition

Borderlands 3

DM me for details.

Seriously, I call BS on everyone publishing "adventures" in print or PDF only. If the last half year has taught me anything it's that EVERY "adventure" that intends to actually get played should also come as a plain text file (with maybe a minimal Markdown flavor). Because that's the simplest "portable" format for referees to track the evolution of a place as it gets overrun and changed by generations of adventurers. As @kensanata says, scribbling into a hardcopy simply does not scale!

This because my partner asked me to sing fewer 'scottish songs about death' to the baby

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'Atogatog' by Ron Spears Ø 2001-10-01

It relishes old-fashioned family meals.

I'm just going to quote the author of for this, "Dragon 74 (June, 1983). Jim Holloway getting in on some of that Elmore style dynamism with an action packed cover. This is a great one."

I guess I should do a of Jill and her wyvern!

No, I don't know why she switched from a spear to an axe between games.

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