🎶 Good morning Onumbrica, how are ya
Say doncha know me, I'm your native son
I'm the train they call the City of Metropolis
I'll be gone five hundred miles when the day is done 🎵

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The one problem with both this and the blog doing the same thing is that a lot of the early novels are just terrible, as TSR really didn't know what it was doing and just got really lucky with some of the early people at selected pitches from.

But a lot of their internal stuff was bad, the entire Avatar trilogy was terrible, the less said about Mazica the better...

The one thing that's good about not sleeping last night and laying around sick all day today is that I've gotten a ton of podcast listening done.

I've been listening to a light fluffy podcast where a couple read through one of the old TSR fantasy novels set in the forgotten realms in the order they were published and discuss it. it's called Reading the Realms and if like me you read way too many of those novels back in the day give it a try?

Other people: Is silly

Us: Just used the freight handling skill to help solve a problem


I posioned the elf.


So we met a disguised ogre thing. Three eyes, furry, pended to be a monk with a magic disguise, eats people, looks like when Goku transforms in Dragonball.

Now we are calling on the Slayers from Warhammer Fantasy to deal with it.


These would be GREAT for use in a fantasy game, as I don't recognize most of the animals here and with that art style they sure look fantastic. Probably less useful for Australian DMs though.

Cthulhu stuff 

I made my partner a birthday gift, and I'm real dang proud. She's a DM, so I had some teeny-tiny polyhedral dice 3D printed, dyed the 3 sets the pan pride colors*, and stuffed them in a faux-antique glass vial pendant.

*Okay, as close as I could get. Y'all, plastic dying is hard.

:blue: I've got you right where I want you.
:black: I'll stop at nothing to get ahead.
:red: I like it when I'm angry!
:green: I'm the biggest there is!
:white: And I'm here too.

"If you can milk a bee, you can milk anything"

Turns out I'm the only character who has the farming skill

me: hi, I'd like to buy a Magic Bullet

Bed Bath and Beyond employee: ooh, looking to make some smoothies?

me: no, I need to kill a devil.

BB&B employee: [pulls lever disguised as a bed frame, secret door opens up to the "beyond" section] follow me.

Tom: We got away clean!

Me: WE LIT A BARN ON FIRE. Getting away clean is they don't know they were ever here! We got away, not cleanly!

Welp that didn't work. Stealth mission was SUPER going well on take two, then we set off a ward, lit a barn on fire, and took off into the woods.

Well fuck.

Oh sweet, LRR moved away from Reddit for submitting nicknames for their inevitable nickname show! It's now at ttc-nicknames.azurewebsites.ne

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