Hey, I'll be running a Delta Green comedy-horror adventure in about 90 minutes online: Had some players cancel, so would anyone else like in? One shot, premade characters, discord+roll20 to show handouts and maps, no miniatures.

I wonder if I would have more fun if I was less cautious about using spells over 3rd level? But like, most of the time 2nd and 3rd level spells seem like the best option (Haste, Glitterdust, Blindness....)

I feel bad about this, but I'm SO ready for my Dad's game to be done.

Its never been quite as good since I moved to being remote, and this final adventure is a huge dungeon crawl, and its 13th level Pathfinder 1e which si SO FREAKING SLOW. BLeeehhhhhh.

Anyone want to play a comedy-horror 1 shot RPG on discord/Roll20 next weekend? 1990s conspiracy type of thing.

. I think they had fun but everyone was getting pretty tired near the end it's harder to have that energy to keep you going when you're not in person

well that could have gone better, also could have done worse. Is one of those horror games where they basically did everything perfectly so there wasn't really anything for me to grab onto and scare them with, not like the other game where I was able to ambush them a bunch of times and a couple of them wandered off and they took a bunch of extra time..

Ok, if you sign up for my game let me know so I can contact you, someone named Tim O'Ryan signed up and I don't know who they are or how to tell them when the game is or where online it will be

If I get too many people I'll split it into multiple games
Take the times as roughly Morning/Afternoon evening

Hey all. I'm going to run an RPG I prepped for a convention that was cancelled as an online game

Scenario: Platte is the most boring posting in the entire US Air Force. When men with classified orders arrive everything gets strange. Content warning: The scenario is based around sanity mechanics and deteriorating mental health.. I will be aiming to run it very light hearted and comedic, but it is a horror adventure.

Want to listen to a classic sci-fi story? (The site also has dozens of old radio programmes some of which I really love so if you want recs let me know!)


Thinking of running the horror-comedy that I prepped for a convention that was cancelled as an online game. Would anyone want in?

@ludovic Hey, I'm thinking of running that game I was going to run that game I was going to do at the con this weekend, or the one after that. Would you like in?

Carrion crown adventure path spoilers (minor) gripe 

(For those wondering: The podcast I'm listening to is Radio Free Detroit, but my favourites are the Neo-Anarchist Podcast and Deniable Assets)

It is weird hearing Shadowrunners talk in Millennial instead of in 80s slang. o.0

Listening to a Shadowrun podcast on dating while a shadowrunner, and its oddly like listening to polycule people talk about dating. o.0

Shared pain is lessened; shared joy, increased — thus do we refute entropy.

Callahan's Law, as recounted by Spider Robinson

something to keep in mind, my friends

thank you for sharing your selves


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