regular reminder that anything that is protected by #DRM deserves to be pirated

Why are gnomes in Golarion not poly? Seems a good way to help avoid The Bleaching?

Today I learned about r/Retconned, which is like r/MandelaEffect except in r/Retconned it's forbidden to suggest that the timeline *isn't* being secretly altered by superpowered beings just to fuck with people.

tired: iron is harmful to fae because of unspecified magic intrinsic properties
wired: iron is harmful to fae because of its chemical properties
inspired: iron is harmful to fae specifically because it is physically the stuff of the human Industrial Revolution, a social restructuring event with broadly devastating effects on human adherence to the core values of the fae. for this reason, iron is suffused with a palpable curse that arises from its position as a symbol of human callousness.

Anybody running anything online nights or weekends (pst)? Or interested to play if I run? I haven't gamed in too long.

#rpg #lfg #fudgeRPG #faterpg #shadowrun #SavageWorlds #deadlands #iconsrpg

@Canageek The use of random scrap metal as proto-currency is interesting, too.

coco, three days ago: i'm a street magician!
coco, now: i'm an accessory to war crimes!

my shitbag dnd kenku has learned how to cause earthquakes

Lost at a battle between unknown forces, fought for a reason no one remembers, these are the tools and wealth of a warrior who did not survive.

Useful either for a DM who wants to add some historical accuracy to their game, or as a magical artifact.

Honestly, I don't have much to say about this one which is why I've been putting off posting it. Its a cool site, I'm sure you can work it into a game, and it being in Spain is a nice change of pace, but other then that, standard ancient tomb stuff

table top role gameing 

Hey! I'm new to this instance and looking forward to getting to see and read up on everybody's tabletop adventures.

I'm mostly into pen and paper, skirmish scale war gaming, and eventually back to full scale war gaming too. I'm always happy to help if anybody has questions about my posts or is looking for general hobbyist advice. I'm no studio painter, but getting there is half the fun!

The real new best way to enjoy modern gaming is buying games that looks so cool on sale and never playing them.

I can't roll for toffee tonight. Don't think I've made a roll all night.

Heading into an evil valley filled with bones. Everyone else is being super cautious, I'm playing a greedy, none-to-bright dwarf that I'm not emotionally attached to.


Light goes up.

Oh just a tree.

A tree in the middle of the path were walked up last night.


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