Today I was listening to a history podcast and learned about nuclear depth charges, mines, and BAZOOKAS. 😐​

What the fuck.

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Fantasy RPG where you're a team of archivists trying to get hold of an extremely rare computer game by any means necessary, as well as assembling the only device capable of correctly dumping a ROM image.

My taiko dojo sensei is suddenly Interested in figuring out a #taiko arrangement of "a classic #anime song" that our group could play and has asked me for suggestions.

Should be something that's recognizable to as many people as possible, so it should be from the top-tier of US recognizability (Naruto/Pokemon/Miyazaki/Sailor Moon level) and it needs to be rhythm-oriented enough to be recognizable from a mainly percussion arrangement, with 笛 (bamboo flute) carrying the melody.

Any ideas?

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Want to lend some flavour to an iron age game? How about that villain who's shield seems to be able to move around faster and always block blows...

Want to lend some flavour to an iron age game? How about that villain who's shield seems to be able to move around faster and always block blows...

Help me, Lazyweb: are there any good ways under #Ubuntu/#Gnome to prevent programs from launching except during certain hours? For example, if I want to limit my Steam usage to after 5 PM?

(This is not an invitation to tell me to use a different OS/distro/window manager.)

Is anyone up for trying the #fibercrafts circle again tomorrow night? I'll be at Tea Republik starting at 6pm, and ending at 8 if people show up. Please let me know if you'll be more than half an hour late so I don't get discouraged.

@mcmoots @weird_hell @memnus @theseattlemeetup

It strikes me that the way the Paris Catacombs where created are a great model for a D&D dungeon. The unregulated mining under a city in this case was mostly at one level, but imagine if Paris where older, as old as Rome say, if they had a deeper stone deposit you could easily get something D&D like. I also note that restrictions like the narrow passage and the flooding in this article are rarely used in modern D&D and I think they have potential.

Ok, because I'm really pleased with where the story went, and the subject matter is relevant, I'm gonna give a quick recap of the game.

Feel free to mute the thread if you're not interested.

I'm a bit of an awkward place this session. We've got two plus in the go, and Mike is essential to both...and he can't be here for family reasons.

I was told again that combat in RPGs is the most boring, most repetitive part of a fantasy campaign. It should not be either. Every skirmish should be unique and memorable and fun and it is relatively easy to do, i think. I’ll probably put something to paper on this.

I need suggestions for super gay plants for my yard! If it's a plant that looks/sounds/acts incredibly queer, I want to know about it.

Bonus points for PNW natives & species not on the WA noxious plants list (or I'd surround myself with Buddleia davidii 'Bicolor')

In an ecologically aware, neopagan style game world, what are the great evils? I've got an entity that takes unwanted stuff off your hands, and breaks the cycle of recycling and composting and attention to natural processes of decay and remaking, resulting in ecological damage as well as loss of reusable materials down the line.

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