@Yoric A great, that's a very agreeable location. Do you generally meet weekday evenings or weekends?

@Yoric I'm interested, depending on roughly where in Paris =]

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I'm writing short little stories to go along with my #Inktober #spaceship drawings that are a bit too long to post here, but you can read them in full in your inbox if you sign up to my mailing list here: mooncube.space/ 🤗🤗

#creativetoots #mastoart #scifi

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Half finished drawing I probably never will finish.
I'm having a hard time drawing atm so I've just been treasure hunting on my hard drive

@duck_dodgers Good on the dragons for surviving the bunny hordes!
Also great take on the prompt, I've mostly seen versions of "I am Legend" on my feeds today hahaha =]

A friend is running a kickstarter for the print of a tabletop wargame rulebook.
The rules are free as a pdf already, you can find both that and a link to the kickstarter on starbreach.com/ if it sounds interesting.

And now, this is one of the fun little vignette and sketches I helped make for the book =]

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I still have three original #Inktober pieces for sale left that are looking for a new home - would you like to adopt one?
Pay-what-you-want, plus 3€ in shipping. Just under A4 in size.

Get them while you can!

They are:
01 Ring (minimum 1€)
04 Freeze (minimum 4€)
09 Swing (minimum 9€)

#inktober #mastoart #creativetoots #scifi #art #sciencefiction #space #spaceship

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I've narrowed down what I want to do for my next project to "a fake travel journal of someone exploring a strange and uncharted land". It really doesn't narrow things down much at all though hahaha.

Maybe I should just start sketching creatures and plants and see what theme emerges.

I built this scene in unity during a phase of fascination with something I no longer remember. The little spaceman is a placeholder for scale hahaha. I imagine little sheep live here

re: Someone recommend me *really good* fantasy of sci-fi books, please? Or maybe even something that is not that! 

@kirby Hahaha, yeah I started with Hydrogen Sonata, picked up Player of Games and then I started Consider Phlebas too and I felt pretty much the same as you did. It stopped my little Banks marathon pretty abruptly haha

re: Someone recommend me *really good* fantasy of sci-fi books, please? Or maybe even something that is not that! 

@kirby Dune is a classic so you might have read it. The Culture novels by Banks are excellent, I would especially recommend Player of Games and The Hydrogen Sonata =)

I haven't painted miniatures in year, but I recently got a starter kit and I must feel about as excited to get started as I did when i got my first starter kit at my eleventh birthday!

@Goblins Ah yeah I see. It always feels bad to get a no, but I guess it'd be even worse to not even try. (And that's my quota of clichées for the day hahaha)

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