Half finished drawing I probably never will finish.
I'm having a hard time drawing atm so I've just been treasure hunting on my hard drive

A friend is running a kickstarter for the print of a tabletop wargame rulebook.
The rules are free as a pdf already, you can find both that and a link to the kickstarter on starbreach.com/ if it sounds interesting.

And now, this is one of the fun little vignette and sketches I helped make for the book =]

I built this scene in unity during a phase of fascination with something I no longer remember. The little spaceman is a placeholder for scale hahaha. I imagine little sheep live here

For the last month I've been working hard on a toolkit for visual prototyping in Unity, which is why I've been so quiet. I still have to round it off with some nice presentation, but for now it looks a lot like this:

I'm trying to beat my drawing anxieties and get back to drawing just for fun - and discovered that my drawings look much more fun when I have fun drawing. Go figure.
She's a troll and a merchant, traveling dangerous routes. I imagined she would have an ox or similar to help her transport stuff and if something dangerous happens on the road she would pick it up and run =]. But that'll have to be another drawing.

Stream results: Another fun armour et. I realise I have a lot of them by now, I'm starting to want to find some use for them.

I'm watching Miraculous because it's cute and a good way to practice my French and I realised I have a few drawings from magical march I wanted to finish =]

I'm back from a short vacation and I want to share some drawings!

I have all of these sketches for boardgame miniature I did a couple of years ago that I love but somehow also never really posed anywhere (...as usual I guess).

I've been wanting to change my avatar image because while creepy rock alien is cute, it's also creepy rock alien.
Anyhow, here is creepy rock alien, along with the ballpoint sketch.

So, my new tutoring plan is finally done and ready. I love teaching and would appreciate every boost!

For those interested, more information can be found on my dA here: fav.me/dd5dm98

My new tutoring-program is loosely based on ttrpg's. Perspective drawing is very abstract until you've mastered the fundamental ideas, so I created a deck of quests for the player(student) to explore a location I call the Abstract Garden. It should make the process way more tangible and fun.

I should be able to post details before the end of the week and I'm so excited =]

This weekend I finished my new and improved program for tutoring perspective drawing. An epic win!
It's so much fun trying out all of the new exercise sheets. I'm looking forward to teach again =].

Another character test, using the same process I did for drawing Bear. This time it's my own character idea though: a little spider knight adventurer =]
I like her a lot, I think I will name her Maskros.

I've been considering to maybe start doing commissions from time to time. To test the idea my girlfriend commissioned me for a drawing of her rpg character, Bear. She will still need some final polish but it's been very fun so far.

For this one I expect to be paid in pancakes; I will still have to figure out what fair compensation would be in a non-culinary currency. (If you have thoughts I would love to hear)

It seems last year in april I was trying to do more daily warm up sketches too, but it's the only month I did them =D.
So If I keep it up throughout May I will have broken my personal best (Y)

All my daily creatures from early April, pretty much in chronological order (left to right).

I often forget that drawing takes continuous effort, so I will try to keep this lineup around as a reminder. =]

I did this little project where I was asked to include a small presentation of the process. So I included some sketches and thoughts from my design notes. It's not really a , but I rarely see any design notes floating around online and I know people do do them so I thought I would share.

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