I'm far from my little workspace today, so here's just a drawing I've kept in my phone.

It's a construct or golem, I have a little seies of them drawn.

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I should just go back to it, remove the tails and model some pants I guess. Tails complicate costume design and modelling a lot...

Sculpture of horned characters. Marked sensitive because I never got around to model pants, but I didn't model any sensitive geometry in the stead of pants either so it's pretty tame.

The particular story was Gladiator inspired. Just like in the movie, two warriors chained together to fight in an arena. Dark fantasy after all.

I have so many more drawings of warriors with horns like the one from yesterday. They are part of a whole dark fantasy world I was building once upon a time.

Still delving in old folders... Character art, why don't I make more of you?

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I've gotta finish this series before april 19th which means ive actually gotta pick it up to be done on time

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Old colour experiments. I still use the base drawings when I tutor perspective drawing, I didn't realise how long ago I drew them until I saw the date on this one...

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Hey! Do you like having pretty things on your walls and screens? Is your wallet too full? Are you ignoring how empty your wallet is? Then I have a deal for you! My art commissions are open! I'm up for one-off illustrations, or large projects. My portfolio is right here: samanthabrooks.myportfolio.com

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More old art, do I even draw these days? (I do, it just usually takes me a while to feel like what I draw is nice enough to share)

I've had a day of adventure and hedgehogs!

I have no hedgehog related artwork (yet) but this one at least has a little mammal.

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I think I'll need to open commissions for the end of the month if I want to be able to pay the rent next month (because I finally bought a fridge, yay!). I've never done it and it's scary. Are people interested in commissioning me? I was thinking 20€ for 1 bust character sketch + 20€ for flat colours + 20€ shadows and light + 20€ for painting/cleaning? Flat/transparent background.

! I stopped doing this for some time while I focused on just art, but playing Microscope and joining the instance has made me want to get back to it.

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Some worldbuilding stuff for a campaign I'm still prepping, months later. Had a lot of fun figuring out how Old Kingdom garb influenced Erosa and Vyzis, and how they in turn combined for the Alliance.

Spent most of the afternoon listening to Lovecraft stories while working =] Good times. Last time I went on a Lovecraft binge I drew inspired creatures for weeks and I'm hoping it'll happen again hahaha. Personally I prefer pronouncing Cthulu as Cutethulu =]

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