Hi Fediverse, my name is Burnus, or Chris if you prefer, and I like tech, SciFi and (probably most important to this channel) TTRPGs. Specifically, I have played Pathfinder for a couple of years now and recently started DMing. Currently, I am trying to hook a couple of new players up with the game while doing the switch to 2e myself, so cross your fingers on that one..

I hail from Germany and have another account at @burnus for those who are more interested in techy stuff.

@burnus @burnus Welcome to the table!

Out of curiosity, do you play SciFi TTRPGs?

@Yoric Thanks!

Well, I did play in a One-Shot of Star Wars Edge of Empire once, but it didn't really work for me. Other than that, I don't think I ever tried one.

@burnus @Yoric if you want a good one to try (and its d20 based so ahould be fairly familiar mechanics) Stars Without Number is excellent. Personally I'm not a huge fan of licensed RPGs (Dark Heresy doesnt count, its licensed from another tabletop game) so its homebrewed setting is a plus for me too but ymmv.

@ackthrice @burnus I've heard good stuff about Stars Without Number.

Personally, I've GMed a bit Scum & Villainy, which is not-quite-licensed Star Wars / Cowboy Bebop / Firefly. I enjoyed it.

@Yoric @burnus Ah cool, yeah I like SWN and the author has done a few other things with the same system, one based on various african mythologies and a call-of-cthulhuesque game, both of which I have but havent played.

Aiming to emulate the feel of a property is cool. I just find players tend to be a little less creative in a licensed setting as they feel much more constrained by the 'canon'. Might just be my group though

@ackthrice @burnus I personally enjoy creating/playing unique settings.

However, having a setting that's loosely based on a property has the advantage that you can get started quickly – and then move it in a different direction because there's no canon.

For instance, in S&V, there are not-Jedi and not-Siths, but they are typically minor actors among a multitude of cults more or less related to the Way, there is a not-Empire, but the setting is more interested in corruption within its ranks...

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