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okay so now i'm on a more brand-appropriate instance, time for a new i guess!

my name is Zee, i'm 30 and just moved to Portland. i'm all about 5e D&D, FATE, PbtA, and anything with giant robots in it. i'm also a angry-but-nonconfrontational queer socialist, so intersectionality and inclusion in gaming spaces is pretty damned important to me!

one of these days i'll start a podcast. probably like two days before the world ends, at this rate.

oh hai mastodon you're still a thing that i'm bad at using

1) it's cool that soldier 76 is gay
2) it's very clearly a calculated safe move by blizzard to do so
3) if you rely on major corporations to deliver queer content you'll be forever trying to make a meal out of table scraps
4) support small queer artists directly

re: mental health (-), weed 

oh wait i forgot; the reason this is the only platform i can talk about this is because *nobody cares*

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mental health (-), weed 

I’m a mess and have no idea what to do about it so I’m just gonna sit in my basement and get high and watch futurama and eat old Chinese food because I guess I’m just a big old Depression Cliche

i will never not be personally offended when netflix asks me if im still watching i don’t care that this is an unoriginal bit it’s literally just true

might fuck around and attempt to expunge the entire concept of gender from my brain

Thinking about becoming a radioactive skunkgirl and biting people

dnd fire and brimstone take: no, you don't actually want to play in a low magic game, you just want to play in a game where magic isn't codified and explained to the degree it is in WoW or forgotten realms


Me: oh no is this just a normal depressive episode or am I developing some form of depersonalization disorder seriously what is wrong with me

Me after eating a cookie: False alarm I was just hungry

Today’s episode has been brought to you by the gender: Mauve

I painted my nails and made pineapple fried rice and did some tarot readings for a friend. This is gay culture; this is what peak performance looks like.

disrespect trans people and i will steal all your bones

i forgot how much gender euphoria i get from painting my nails

slightly nsfw 

the best joke i have ever encountered goes thusly:

I am absolutely, shamelessly horny for basic human rights.

And I haven't been able to get off in years.

the rhythm i was unconsciously chewing these corn nuts to has gotten the chicken dance stuck in my head send help

be the lewds you wish to see in the world

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