So... Who has a VPS company that is:

A) accepting new clients for instances currently.

B) actually responds to support requests in a timely manner.

C) allows/humors some degree of custom configuration.

I'm so close to getting one setup only to have the company go awol early in the week...


@gpage Might not be what you want to hear, but:

Since you say you are already contemplating some degree of custom configuration, then I think you don't need to limit yourself to a "Mastodon VPS company" specifically.

Instead, you can choose a VPS provider on the basis that they're established, local to you, and friendly; they don't need to know about Mastodon specifically.

Purchase a VPS. Then set up Mastodon (using the Mastodon install guide) on that machine.

@bignose you're not wrong in that is an option. I've done it for other things before so that's not the barrier. Time is my limiting factor right now; if I was willing to do my own install, setting up the mail server, and (most of all) troubleshooting all of my own stuff, then this wouldn't be an issue.

It's really that last part that is my killer, and as such, this may not be a viable idea.

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