If you don't like clicking through content warnings on your feed, you can use your settings to always show the full post. Under Appearance, scroll down to Sensitive Content, and click 'always show media...' and 'always expand posts...'. Simple! No content warning clicking for you, but yes content warnings for everyone who does want them! (please use content warnings in your own posts)

@bethsobel I did this... But it doesn't work and I still have to click on them... 😕​

@bethsobel Maybe I am overestimating my ability to distance myself from potential triggers, and the elephant knows it! 😂​

@caraplayingstuff @bethsobel Same for me. Changing my settings hasn't helped here. And folks seem to be marking a lot of stuff with CW for reasons I don't understand. So, my feed is difficult to read at the moment. It's probably my biggest problem right now.

@rf_seattle @caraplayingstuff If it helps, I'm on a Mac laptop, and I had to reload to get it to work. Also I failed to save the setting change a couple times, lol.

@bethsobel @caraplayingstuff The reloading thing seems to have helped. There are about three different settings for this that I've found so far, so this should help a lot. Of course, now I get no benefit from CWs. But my own need for this is very low, so that's probably not a big problem.

@rf_seattle Yes, it's definitely a choice for folks who have a low / no list of triggers. That said, this particular server seems very wholesome / safe so far.

@rf_seattle Yes, I kind of feel the same way. But in the end I think "too many CWs" is better than "too little CWs" and it does show people want this place to be open and welcoming.🙃​

@caraplayingstuff @rf_seattle I think I'm over-warning, for sure, but need to settle in a bit to figure out by how much. I'll probably adjust down as I get more of a feel for the community.

@bethsobel @caraplayingstuff I'm with you on the thought that overshooting on CWs is better than undershooting. But I haven't found a post on the server yet that I could imagine needing a CW.

@rf_seattle @bethsobel @caraplayingstuff The ones that I have encountered that "warranted CWs" are all politics related in my opinion, but I have also seen CWs for insects and eye-contact which I am sure some people appreciated...

I had a hard realization yesterday that for some poeple, my avatar is an issue...

@rf_seattle @caraplayingstuff @bethsobel Many people are using CWs for all posts because the number of reasons that people are being asked to use CWs are numerous. Rather than take the chance, I CW it with a summary of what the post is and let people choose their level of engagement.

@bethsobel Thank you. It drove me nuts to always have to click for simple cat-content...

@bethsobel "App settings >> Collapsed toots" also has settings you might want to change. Nothing about CWs, but it can be hard to understand why things get collapsed. By default, it collapses almost everything which leads to ton of clicking to use your feed.

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