43 today. With chronic illness, every extra year seems like a gift sometimes. I'm thrilled at how much I've learned and how much I still have to learn. Aging is rad.

Hi all :) I'm the graphic designer and illustrator of a bunch of games (more than shown below :p). Happy to be here!

I have a few pals on other instances that I can't /soon won't be able to see from this one, so if you get another follow from me it's from an account that lets me chat with those humans! @bethsobel@wandering.shop if you want to hang out there as well. Staying here, just also going there.

But! In the month my store's been open, I've made enough to cover the cost of hiring Ben for my branding! Everything I sell moving forward helps directly support the cost of maintaining my site, which should have more games soon.

In addition to selling my own products, I intend and already am selling other's. So far I just have the fabulous @bethsobel's River & Stone deck. But soon I'll have more items from small creators! If you know of someone you think would fit my brand, let me know.

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Hello! Thought I’d drop an since I’m fresh from the bird app. I’m Ada, a photographer and board gamer. I am currently undergoing treatment for breast cancer, so that has taken up my life lately. I don’t know what this new social space will mean for me, but I’m excited to try something new!

re: Appalachian mailbox (not a euphemism) 

I grew up in the Appalachians and miss this kind of thing.

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Appalachian mailbox (not a euphemism) 

This photo from my brother is peak rural Appalachian. In case it wasn't clear, it's a mailbox.

Well this is my first formal toot! I’ll write something more coherent in the morning. Just know…I’m here, I’m queer, and I’m ready to make these toots mighty colorful🏳️‍🌈💖

Artist commission recommendations plz 

Hi hi! I like to make silly from comments and today someone alluded to my need for coffee like Velma's constant struggle to find her glasses. I'm looking for an to do a fun sticker that's captioned "My coffee! I can't work without my coffee!" And it's Velma or Velma-ish patting around the floor for a cup mug.

Boosts please!

re: Diabetes 

The best I can do is try to muddle through it all and not get burnt out and stay alive. So far so good!

If you're living with type one, I see you. Hugs.

If you're not, please be mindful of how you joke about diabetes. There are many types, and no type deserves to bear the brunt of mockery. My type will likely end my life early. Is that funny?

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re: Diabetes 

I still make no insulin. I still have to inject insulin. I still live with the metaphorical sword of complications hanging over my head at all times. I don't get a day off from actively doing what one of my organs is supposed to do.

Low blood sugar will kill you quickly, and high blood sugar will kill you slowly, and insulin works on a pretty significant time delay, and is sensitive to mood and sleep and movement and anything you may put in your mouth and hormones and and and.

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re: Diabetes 

Without any insulin, I can eat forever and still starve to death, the sugar trapped in my blood and unavailable for use.

To manage this, I must inject insulin. I do so with an insulin pump, which is better than needles (for me) because I don't have to whip out a syringe at dinner, and because it can give me a broader variety of micro treatment options when my blood sugar is a little off. However, it is NOT a cure.

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Oh dear, I missed World Diabetes Day yesterday.

I am one of about 8 million type one diabetics currently living.

Type one diabetes is an autoimmune disease that is not preventable or curable.

My immune system attacked my insulin producing cells, and now I make no insulin. This is inconvenient! Insulin is the hormone that converts every carb you eat into useable sugar for your body and brain.

I always find the answers to this really interesting, so here's the Mastodon edition:

How old are you?

I'm 42.

Illogical fears / dislikes I have:

Airplanes turning
Ice caves
Unwrapping butter
Going to the doctor

A pal is looking for queer owned board game retailers in the US. Any recs? She specifically wants to preorder Wingspan Asia.

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