So the session went a lot differently than I expected lol... 5 of the 8 didn't show up cause they didn't feel like it and I had to improv scale down the entire adventure to account for over half the group missing. Even so the players loved it and asked me when the next game was before I could even shut my laptop. Probably due to ending with everyone seemingly disintegrating into a black hole esque portal and telling them they're not rerolling. I love cliffhangers :P

So I'm going to be dming for a new group tomorrow with a lot of new people. This is super exciting for me especially since the majority are new to D&D altogether^^ Though, when they said it would be a "small group" I didn't think they meant DMing for 8 people. Ouch xD Oh well, least it aint the time I DMed for 16. Was great! But never again. Maybe I should share that story sometime xD

youve heard of catgirls
youve heard of catboys

now get ready for:
nyanbinary people

Putting this here as a general note, but as I've been playing and collecting various tabletop games for quite awhile I have actually amassed quite the collection of PDF's over the years and, even if I haven't played every single one I have certainly read most. If there is ever a system someone is looking for or a type of game someone would like to run feel free to hit me up and I guarantee I have something to fit your niche^^ (Even if it's Bunnies & Burrows. You monster ;3)

Hi there, Kate here and I've been a tabletop gamer and general roleplayer for over 19 years now. This will be my first Mastodon community and I hope to meet a lot of like minded and awesome individuals^^

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