This tree armature with lots of thorns will fit perfectly in the evil spider forest in . It even has a real spider web in it! 🤨

A walk along the Beach yielded lots of natural materials for creating tabletop and . The tree armatures need only a bit of work.

Getting the base off of miniatures can be a hassle. But the Army Painter hobby saw does the job perfectly. Now I can pin this colleague here onto an acrylic base.

Got those from my local roleplaying shop. Can these dice be fair, at least theoretically? For dice to be fair, is it sufficient to ensure that all faces have the same area?

This was the first session playing Rangers of . Three rangers plus their companions against a village of zombies and the occasional rat. Half of the rangers and companions was incapacitated during the fight, but they all managed to survive in the end.

Hi there, I am pretty new to tabletop gaming and wargaming. Though, I am a huge fan of all sorts of strategy board games. Lacking the time to paint huge armies of miniatures, I am currently looking into the skirmisher and the game Rangers of .

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