I'm an artist, and an EFL teacher. I've been thinking about developing a tabletop RPG to engage students in using their English so I might post that kind of stuff here. As for my credentials....uh, I haven't played much tabletop at all but I like hearing about it, haha.
Hopefully I can get some advice at some point when it comes to game elements and mechanics. Nice to meetcha!

@azne Hiya, welcome to the table!!! I'm glad to hear about this!!! I'm a college art student that definitely has an interest in making videogames and tabletop games good and can help direct you to some resources if need be!

@daisy_todd Very very new to Mastodon and of course this server, so thanks for the kind welcome! I'll be sure to try and ask you someday :)

@azne Not a problem, I'm newish too, but people on this instance seem to be pretty nice so just yell into the void and it usually works if you need help!

@daisy_todd woah cool~ also seeing a ton of great art on this....instance? best of luck with art school, by the way!

@azne Thanks! Also instance is correct! :slime:​ And yeah....D&D tends to attract a lot of creative people like writers and artists and people into theater!

@azne Welcome! I'm also an artist but I want to work more on developing my own games and worlds. Very nice to meet you too =]

@azne welcome. And that's the most promising-sounding idea for combining TTRPGs & the classrom that I've heard in a while 😎​

We used Storylines while learning German. Was very fun and engaging. It is a good start for your students

@Valis So I looked it up and that seems like a great game to look at buying for my English club. Thanks for the suggestion!

Just noticed I wrote Storylines. What I mean was StoryCubes :(
Writing on my phone is not my best skill. Sory for the mislead ;(
Anyway Storycubes is a simple game that forces your students to come up with a more or less coherent story so they are distracted about their lack in language. It is small and easy to explain. Easier than RPGs, those may put some ppl off by the sheer complexity and scope.

@Valis I actually have all the story cubes haha. As far as StoryCubes, it is a hit-or-miss with my students. I think an rpg will engage the gamer spirit of some more reluctant students (many like fantasy games and anime), also I just feel like making one. Thanks tho!

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