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Sorting through years of lessons, handouts, and digital files...just as annoying and long a process as I thought it'd be... :yellow_book: :yellow_book:

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So I decided to add a slosh of watercolor to that linoprint I've been fiddling with... didn't work out exactly as I'd hoped but of course it never does 😅

Still, I think the colors add a lil bit of life to it so I'm happy. T'was a fun experiment to spend the morning on.

#art #mastoart #arttoot #printmaking #watercolor

Question to all , connoisseurs, and etc. How do you design your fashion? What research do you do or what general rules do you follow? Especially when developing less Euro-centric designs--those I can find in spades.

Sorry for so many hashtags but I want to cast a wide net for advice.

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Once upon a time (so about 2-3 years ago) I was working on this worldbuilding project that I summarized as "Neolithic High Fantasy"... (continues in comments...)

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I released the first public demo of my RPG! Please feel free to take a look and try the game out for yourself if you're able! (Mac & Windows versions available, just ask if you need linux.) More deets in the replies!

I'm an artist, and an EFL teacher. I've been thinking about developing a tabletop RPG to engage students in using their English so I might post that kind of stuff here. As for my credentials....uh, I haven't played much tabletop at all but I like hearing about it, haha.
Hopefully I can get some advice at some point when it comes to game elements and mechanics. Nice to meetcha!

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